Florida man loses over 150 pounds to join Army

A year ago Christian Montijo weighed about 350 pounds before he lost 160 pounds to be eligible to join the Army. His recruiter, Sgt. 1st Class Isaac Ayala, can be seen in the photo on the right.


By JOE MARIO PEDERSEN | Orlando Sentinel | Published: January 7, 2020

(Tribune News Service) — No excuse on missing the gym this year as a 28-year-old proved with the proper motivation you can lose 165 pounds.

And what was his motivation?

Christian Montijo was determined to lose the weight so he could join the U.S. Army.

Over a year ago, Montijo weighed more than 350 pounds ... but that was just a guess, considering that's as high as the scale would show, according to the Army.

The father of two changed his entire diet, went on walks around his neighborhood and began meal prepping.

"It's night and day. I'm a whole new person," he said. "I wake up with energy, I sleep through the night. I can run now and be fine, and I can keep up with my kids."

Montijo was able to enlist in October.

MontiJo is heading to South Carolina for basic training Tuesday and will work as a satellite communications systems ops maintainer.

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