Army investigates white supremacist literature found on Fort Carson

By NICK BEADLESTON | The Gazette (Colorado Springs, Colo.) | Published: June 12, 2014

This story has been updated.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Fort Carson officials are investigating white supremacist propaganda found material on post that asked troops to fight for a "white nation."

The material consisted of fliers and CDs from the radical group The Northwest Front. Fort Carson spokeswoman Dani Johnson provided few details, other than to confirm the existence of the materials and state that an investigation is underway.

The materials were featured on the website Reddit after a user who claims to be a soldier posted images of the find.

One style of flier included the headline "Ever Wonder If You are Fighting for the Right Side." Another featured a picture of a wide eyed child, warned of a coming race war and called for readers to secure a white nation. It is unclear what information was on the CDs.

The presence of the materials has alarmed local activist groups.

"We're extremely concerned someone would attempt to recruit on a military base where you have America's finest," said Scott Levin Anti-Defamation League regional director. "It's obviously reprehensible."

Levin was familiar with the group that publishes the materials.

"The Northwest Front is primarily an Internet organization promoting the concept of a whites-only nation in the Pacific Northwest," he said.

Levin indicated the organization, though small, has been spreading propaganda since the 1990s.

Henry Allen, president for the NAACP Colorado Springs branch, said his organization will look into the matter.

The situation first came to light on Reddit, social networking service. Reddit user jhb2wr claimed to have found the material June 10. The user indicated he "found about a dozen sealed plastic bags blowing around Fort Carson." He also included a picture of two fliers and a CD in his post.

The user described himself in the post as a paratrooper.

While his post can still be seen on the site, a link to the user's personal information is no longer active.

Many Reddit commenters suggested the poster turn the propaganda into police and advised against putting the CD in government computers.

Director of the Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism at California State University Brian Levin, no relation to Scott Levin, voiced concern over the material to news website Military Times. According to Levin, the presence of the material on post indicated someone with an affinity to the Northwest Front, but not necessarily a strong connection.

"Neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups are happy to have people commit acts of violence in the name of their ideology without being a card carrying member of their group -- lone wolves," he told the website. "This really needs to be investigated."

This image from Reddit.com shows some of the contents of flyers found on Fort Carson, Colo. The Reddit poster, a soldier stationed there, was advised by fellow users to turn it in to authorities.


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