The following excerpts were taken from posts allegedly written by Staff Sgt. Joshua Smith on a message board at The posts were entered into evidence during court proceedings on Thursday.

* I’ve actually been working with children since i was 13, I come from a family of 6 children so being the second oldest, I always got tagged with babysitting for my younger brothers and sister. Joined the military at 18, didn’t do much child care then because of military training and everything. But about 2 years after I got to my first station I decided I wanted to get back into it. So I babysat on and off for a while and eventually got a job at the CDC. Took a few of psychology and development classes in collage and the CDC asked me if I’d like to teach parenting classes, I of course said yes. Did that for another two years, then got stationed in turkey, Got married had a son. Didn’t do much in turkey because of the new child and pregnancy, didn’t have much time for it. Now that I’ve come to Germany, I have a lot for free time, so I’m getting back into it. Been babysitting here for about a year, mostly to coworkers and good friends. But I’m trying to reach out further because its hard to find jobs. Work keeps me busy so I mainly babysit on the weekends (and mornings in cases of emergency). So kinda part time, My son comes with me whenever I have him for the weekend, so he enjoys the children to play with. Haha, so there is my story, time for me to go to bed!!

* Well has (sic) a male in the child care industry I will tell you that I do face a lot of discrimination. Most of it isn’t open like the women you met at the store though. Most of it generally comes when I have been talking to a person through e-mail for a little bit and the second they find out I’m a male, they stop e-mailing me.

* Because of the stereotypical image, I find that I have to do everything perfectly. From cleaning the house after the kids go to bed, making up bedtime stories, playing silly games like sword fights with boys and tea parties with girls, even singing a grumpy kid to sleep sometimes. Stuff that most babysitters wouldn’t do, I find that I have to do (not that I mind doing it at all) to keep my job and my customers. So if anything, I think its made me better at what I do.

* One thing that I do want to point out to all parents out their, is that ANYONE could be a possible abuser, not just males or strangers.

* ... A few minutes later the boy comes out of his room, he woke up from us talking, so his parents asked him how he like me babysitting. The boy answered in the half tired, half whimpering voice that people find so adorable and said “He make me do stuff I didn’t want to do.”. I literally saw the father’s expression change in seconds and I really though I was gonna get punched. So I told them to wait a sec and ask him what I made him do, so they did and the boy said that I made him brush his teeth and clean his room.

* If I were a female, it wouldn’t of been anything for the boy to say that. HECK, even if I did abuse the kid and I was female, the parents probably wouldn’t of been any wiser. But because I was male, it sparked instantly in there mind that I was doing something wrong. The gender bias doesn’t bother me has much has the fact that if I was female, I probably could have kept abusing the child and the parents would of never known because they didn’t listen to the child.

* It doesn’t mater WHO you have babysitting. A male, female, grandmother, grandfather, friend, whoever, doesn’t matter. LISTEN to your child, they will tell you if anything is wrong. And follow that wonderful motherly instinct that you all have, If something feels wrong, its possible that it is and you should probably look into it.

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