Neighbors assemble to help airman build family's tiny home

By WHITNEY BROWNING | Bluefield Daily Telegraph (via Associated Press) | Published: June 10, 2018

BRUSHFORK, W.Va. — A community of neighbors in Brushfork has come together to build a tiny house in less than three weeks for Addam and Aaliyah Byers to take with them and live in while Addam serves in the Air Force in Florida.

Addam Byers has been in the Air Force for four years, the last three of which he was stationed in the United Kingdom. It was in that time that he and his wife Aaliyah Byers began thinking about how to save money and live practically. The tiny house was then born out of a desire to help them financially and avoid a large mortgage payment, meaning they would have a little extra money each month. Then, in the past year, their idea of a smaller, simpler home sprouted wings as they worked with an engineer to create the metal framing and sound structure to be built and hauled across the United States.

Even while they were still in the United Kingdom, plans began in Brushfork as local businesses agreed to supply and hold their supplies, such as 84 Lumber, until the Byers arrived in the United States on May 1 of this year.

But supply companies weren't the only ones to help. Richard Baugh, Addam's grandfather, started hosting much of the supplies to furnish the tiny house in his own home. In fact, he had even seen the popular television show about such a house, but he never thought he would be helping his grandson build one.

When the Byers brought the trailer frame and metal structure to Brushfork, the neighbors were willing and eager to help.

Baugh's next door neighbor Ira Lilly, who coincidentally was once a contractor and built all the houses on the particular street, and his wife, offered to let the Byers park what he calls the "house on wheels" on their property and leave it while the building process commenced. And as the building got under way, neighbors and family came out to help.

"We're all neighbors, we walk down through here and know each other's family and children and grandchildren," Lilly said before later adding, "We always help each other."

According to Baugh, it's been eight of them in and out throughout the past two and a half weeks to help the Byers build a home before leaving for Panama City, Fla. on Friday, even though many of them have no experience with construction.

Still yet, with the help of the community, the Byers hope to have the house livable when they leave Friday, but don't expect it to be fully finished.

"The tiny house will have two live-in lofts," Addam Byers said as he began explaining the layout of the home.

One loft will be for Byer's three-year-old son, and on the opposite side of the 380 square-foot home will be Addam and Aaliyah's loft. Once completed, a bathroom with a shower, vanity and sink and composting toilet with be underneath the child's loft. On the opposite side will be a kitchen with floor to ceiling cabinets on the right side and countertop cabinets on the left with a 32-inch farmhouse sink and full-size refrigerator. The center of the home will be the living area complete with a couch.

Airman Byer's grandfather, Baugh, is grateful for a community so willing to help.

Information from: Bluefield Daily Telegraph.

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