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MAINZ-KASTEL, Germany — The monthly price for unleaded gas in Germany for U.S. troops and Defense Department civilians will drop next month by about 6 cents a gallon, the Army and Air Force Exchange Service announced Friday.

The August price schedule, however, is a mixed bag for motorists, contingent on location and the type of fuel purchased.

Motorists who grab for the diesel pump, whether in the United Kingdom or Germany, can expect to pay a few more cents a gallon. The same applies to personnel buying diesel or premium unleaded fuel in the Netherlands, though their increase is steeper: about 10 cents per gallon.

The latest price adjustment takes effect Sunday, the first day of August. Prices are for AAFES customers assigned to Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

AAFES’ European fuel prices are based on the Department of Energy’s averages from the previous four- or five-week period, the exchange said in a news release. The price adjustments are in accordance with AAFES pricing policies, the release added.

In June, the stateside average price for a gallon of gas, regardless of grade, was $192.6. That price fell to $185.9 by the middle of July, according the Energy Department’s Web site.

In Germany, the gallon price for normal unleaded fuel will decrease from $2.136 to $2.078, AAFES announced. The price for super unleaded fuel will drop as well, from $2.235 to $2.176. The highest grade of unleaded is due to slip, too, from $2.329 to $2.271.

Meanwhile, the price for diesel fuel is headed in the opposite direction, rising from $1.878 per gallon to $1.905, the release said.

For customers in the Netherlands, the price for super unleaded fuel will decrease from $2.235 to $2.187 per gallon.

However, the price for super-plus unleaded will rise from $2.329 to $2.431 per gallon, an increase of more than 10 cents.

Like their compatriots in Germany, AAFES customers in the Netherlands will pay more for diesel, with the gallon rate rising from $1.929 to $2.038.

AAFES noted in its new release that the bulk and coupon prices in the Netherlands are different from those in Germany. This is due to a higher cost price in the Netherlands, the release explained, and to the AAFES policy that it will not sell below dispensed cost. The price on the pump and the price for coupon books sold in the Netherlands will reflect this policy.

In the United Kingdom, the price for super-unleaded fuel will decrease from $2.169 per gallon to $2.110. Diesel, on the other hand, is scheduled to rise from $1.812 to $1.839.

Prices in Turkey and the Azores change only annually. Navy bases such as those in Spain and Italy adjust prices independently of the AAFES system.

The price of gas on base is still considerably cheaper than at stations outside the gates. The price for normal unleaded fuel at stations outside U.S. bases in Germany is about 1.15 euro ($1.38) per liter, or about $6.20 a gallon.

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