Troops, from divers to musicians, help DODEA students connect STEAM subjects to real life
The students operated some military equipment, built and raced Lego cars, saw the latest technology in treating animal wounds, enjoyed jingles both familiar and new and made their own lava lamps.
US flies Army artillery into Bulgaria in demonstration of mobility and firepower
The only U.S. rocket artillery brigade in Europe moved rapidly across borders and launched its mobile weapons in Bulgaria, a display of speed aimed at reassuring NATO allies confronted by an increasingly assertive Russia.
US B-52H bombers fly over all 30 NATO nations with alliance escorts on Memorial Day
It’s the second time a bomber task force deployed to Europe has conducted such a mission since the U.S. began deploying bombers to the region in 2018, USAFE said.
The World’s Most Dangerous Paper Route
This 60-minute documentary heralds the history, heritage and achievements of Stars and Stripes, the “hometown news” source for the American military.