Episode 7: Mold, lead, lawsuits and the troubles with military housing
Military Matters talks with Rachel Christian, who became an advocate after her own military housing nightmare, and Rob Metro, a lawyer who represents a number of families who are litigating for damages against the private companies that manage the housing.
Fast take: 'Zero tolerance means absolutely nothing in the military'
Military Matters talks with Army veteran and founder of the Our Sister's Keeper Movement Katie Chorbak about why she believes the DOD doesn't actually punish sexual predators, about how the "zero tolerance" policy repeatedly has been ignored and about the current status of the #iamvanessaguillen bill.
Episode 6: The continuing problem of sexual assault and harassment in the military
This week's episode of Military Matters looks at this longstanding problem, including a discussion with a soldier who recounts her own story of sexual assault.
Fast take: The story of former Green Beret Mike Taylor through the eyes of his wife
In this fast take episode, Lamia Taylor talks about her frustrations with the case involving her husband, former Green Beret Mike Taylor, and son, Peter, about how they are doing and about what might happen next.
Episode 5: Former Green Beret, son extradited to Japan in case of mogul's brazen escape
This week's episode examines the story of Mike Taylor, a U.S. Army Special Forces veteran, and his son, Peter, accused of helping former Nissan Motor Co. Chairman Carlos Ghosn's brazen escape from prosecution in Japan.
Fast take: Passing on a legacy of military service, explosive breaching formulas and TBI
In this fast take episode, Military Matters looks at what it means to pass on military culture and skills to our children, TBI and why the formulas for explosive breaching might be wrong.
Episode 4: TR, the OSS, 'The Terrible Game' and a family's legacy of service
Punching out Teddy Roosevelt. Fighting the Nazis as a member of the OSS. The novel "The Terrible Game." Modern-day ballistic helmets and work to help with TBIs. All part of the story of the family of Dan Tyler Moore.
Fast take: Forensics expert discusses the case of Mark Leshikar
In a continued quest for answers about the death of Special Forces soldier Mark Leshikar, Military Matters hosts Rod Rodriguez and Jack Murphy talk with Paul Ciolino, the president of the International Association of Forensic Criminologists and an Army veteran.
Episode 3: Questions remain in slaying of Special Forces soldier Mark Leshikar
Missing evidence, the changing account of what happened that day in March 2018, redacted reports, a grieving family and a witness who only now is able to speak out in this episode of Military Matters.
Fast take: Debate continues about extremism in the military
In this Fast Take episode, co-hosts Rod Rodriguez and Jack Murphy try to answer some of the questions posed by listeners which involved Q Anon, white nationalism, neo-Nazis and even Antifa and the left.