Fast take: Can the military lead the way in progressive ideas?
In this Fast Take episode of Military Matters, co-hosts Rod Rodriguez and Jack Murphy continue the discussion about critical race theory and “wokeness.”
Season 4 premiere: Critical race theory and a 'woke' military
In the Season 4 premiere episode of Military Matters, host Rod Rodriguez discusses “wokeness” and critical race theory in the military with guests, Brian “BK” Kimber, Air Force veteran and host of the weekly podcast, “World News with BK,” and John Witte, professor emeritus from University of Wisconsin, Madison, in the departments of political science and the Robert La Follette School of Public Affairs.
Looking back at Military Matters' third season, and what comes next
With the addition of co-host and former Special Forces member Jack Murphy, the podcast tackled everything from extremism in the ranks, to mold and other issues in military housing, to the disappearance of former West Point cadet Maura Murray.
Episode 10: A former West Point cadet vanishes without a trace
Former West Point cadet Maura Murray disappeared in a small New Hampshire town 17 years ago, and the case continues to stump investigators and the Murray family. On this week’s Military Matters, co-host Jack Murphy speaks with Maura’s sister, Julie Murray.
Fast take: Vaccine skepticism among service members and other COVID unknowns
This week's episode looks again at the U.S. military vs. the vaccine, including Fort Carson's different approach to the skepticism: A flyer examining 12 reasons service members have been reluctant with responses to each.
Episode 9: Service members vs. the vaccine
All Department of Defense personnel and beneficiaries have been eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine as of April 19, but many service members have declined to take it.
Fast take: Artificial intelligence, coming to a battlefield near you ...
Virtual reality is rapidly changing how the U.S. military conducts training, and artificial intelligence is a key component in creating a truly immersive virtual training experience. But what exactly will AI’s role be on the battlefield of tomorrow?
Episode 8: The US military is betting big on virtual reality
The future is now for virtual reality and augmented reality. The U.S. military knows it and is exploring how to best use the technology for training, to stay ahead of adversaries and to keep service members safe.
Episode 7, Part 2: Tenant bill of rights isn’t fixing the problems military families face
In Part 2 of Military Matters' look at the problems with military housing, co-hosts Rod Rodriguez and Jack Murphy discuss the issues with two military spouses who have been in the middle of the fight.
Episode 7: Mold, lead, lawsuits and the troubles with military housing
Military Matters talks with Rachel Christian, who became an advocate after her own military housing nightmare, and Rob Metro, a lawyer who represents a number of families who are litigating for damages against the private companies that manage the housing.