Episode 12: A talk with Tim Lynch, voice of a misunderstood industry
Tim Lynch, retired Marine infantry officer turned contractor, joins us on this episode of Force for Hire to talk about his experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan — from the mundane to the extraordinary. His insights, thoughts and observations make this episode one of the most dynamic of the season. You won’t want to miss it.
Episode 11: Exploitation, human trafficking rampant in third-country national contracting
This week on Force for Hire, we bring aboard a pair of experts to examine an aspect of military contracting that ties into issues of human rights abuses and modern-day slavery.
Episode 10: Meet Cindy Waldron, war zone trucker, military mom and survivor
Former war zone trucker Cindy Waldron discusses her experiences in Iraq in a raw, unfiltered look back at a singularly unique career. She talks about it all, from happy family moments, to dealing with PTSD, to finding peace after coming home from war.
Episode 9: Demystifying government, private contracting health care regulations
A trio of experts joins hosts Michelle Harven and Desmon Farris to help explain the intricacies of contractor health care, provide tips for those in the industry and clear up some of the murkier aspects of the current system.
Episode 8: Black Rifle Coffee CEO’s life as Green Beret, military contractor
Evan Hafer, CEO and founder of Black Rifle Coffee, joins us on this week’s podcast. Haffer began his career as a U.S. Army infantryman. Later, he joined the elite ranks of the Green Berets, served among them for more than a decade. Afterward, he become a military contractor working personal security for the U.S. State Department.
Episode 7: Leveraging military skills, expertise to forge a new career
Many veterans have designs on using the skills they’ve picked up in the service after hanging up the uniform. Private security and military contracting remains a high-profile landing spot for veterans.So how, exactly, does one make the change from servicemember to military contractor?
Episode 6: The families left behind
In this episode we talk to Barbie Baker and Nicole Woodland, two women with firsthand knowledge of the lifestyle change that takes place after a spouse joins the world of private military contracting. Their story might sound familiar to former military spouses — loneliness, uncertainty and a search for new meaning — but some of what they say might surprise you.
Episode 5: Money makes the contracting world go 'round
It’s time to dive headfirst into the topic that has bubbled beneath the surface of nearly every conversation about private military contracting. Money.
Episode 4: An interview with Erik Prince, Blackwater founder, proponent of contracting
We sit down with Erik Prince, co-founder of Blackwater and the face of an industry that generally tries to stay out of the limelight. Listen in as he talks about the history of Blackwater, his vision for the war in Afghanistan and what he views as the mistakes the military has made there over these past 17 years
Episode 3: The beginnings of Blackwater and how it forever changed US policy
Even though the name is relegated to history, Blackwater remains the first thought that springs to mind when most think of private military contractors. In this episode, we delve into its history and how its success and failures changed American foreign policy forever.
Episode 2: Soldier turned contractor talks Blackwater training, Iraq mission
This week on Force for Hire we’re taking a step back from the politics and controversy surrounding private military contracting and talking to a man who knows what it’s like to be both a soldier and a private operator.
Episode 1: Outsourcing America's military might
In this inaugural episode, we talk to self-described mercenary Sean McFate and international security affairs analyst David Isenberg to learn more about some of the pros and cons of outsourcing America’s military operations.
Force for Hire: An introduction to the secretive world of private military contracting
Some call them mercenaries that take jobs away from active-duty soldiers. Others call them a necessary component of modern warfare. Come with us as we try to find the truth in our new podcast, Force for Hire.