Episode 10: Revisiting the death of Vanessa Guillen

Military Matters revisits the death of Army soldier Vanessa Guillen following the August sentencing of Cecily Aguilar to 30 years in prison for her involvement in the slaying.

VIDEO | Sights and Sounds: Unknown distance live-fire training at Camp Fuji

Watch members of 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines practice shooting at targets of unknown distances during Fuji Viper training at the Combined Arms Training Center Camp Fuji, Japan, Aug. 24, 2023.

Fast Take: Jack Murphy’s last hurrah, and a preview of the final episodes of Military Matters

Military Matters is approaching the end of the road. But this Fast Take is not goodbye — the show will continue through September with new episodes, as host Rod Rodriguez makes clear.

Japanese F-35A stealth fighters touch down in Australia on first overseas deployment

A pair of Japanese F-35A Lightning II fighter jets are in Australia’s Northern Territory on their first international mission, the Australian Department of Defence announced.

Episode 9: Military Matters bids farewell to Jack Murphy

For his final appearance on Military Matters, Jack Murphy sits down with co-host Rod Rodriguez to discuss his story: why he joined the Army and became a Green Beret, the start of his journalism career and where he’ll go next.

VIDEO | Sights and Sounds: A visit to Yoyogi Park, a former US military housing area in Tokyo

A visit to Tokyo’s Yoyogi Park, which served as a U.S. military housing area called Washington Heights during the Allied occupation of Japan.

VIDEO | Sights and Sounds: A visit to Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo, Japan

Aug. 15 marks the 78th anniversary of Imperial Japan’s unconditional surrender to the Allied powers and the end of World War II. Each year around this time Japanese people make a visit to the Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo.

Fast Take: The ethics of artificial intelligence in future warfare

In this Fast Take, Jack Murphy and Rod Rodriguez discuss former U.S. Army Ranger Paul Scharre’s research into AI and predict how it might affect the U.S. military.

Explore South Korea’s modern art scene at national museum in Seoul

In the bustling city of Seoul, fans of art and Korean culture can always find something to see and do.

Episode 8: Artificial intelligence and the future of warfighting

In this week’s episode, co-host Jack Murphy talks about how AI will shape warfighting in the future with former U.S. Army Ranger Paul Scharre, now executive vice president and director of studies at the Center for a New American Security.