Fast Take: Childhood hauntings, more ghosts and an Okinawan ‘murder house’
With Halloween fast approaching, cohosts Rod Rodriguez and Jack Murphy are back with more ghost stories in this Fast Take episode, including a couple of their own.
Episode 7: Restless Japanese spirits and a melody from beyond the grave
People love good ghost stories, especially around Halloween. The military has some spine-tingling supernatural tales, from ghostly ships traversing the seas to the wandering spirits of soldiers walking long-forgotten battlefields.
Powell praised by US politicians from both parties as trailblazer, trusted adviser to presidents
U.S. politicians from both parties on Monday remembered Colin L. Powell as a highly respected public servant, trusted adviser to presidents and statesman upon learning that the former secretary of state and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff had died of complications from COVID-19.
Fast Take: Nazis, the occult and us?
In this Fast Take episode of Military Matters, hosts Rod Rodriguez and Jack Murphy discuss the previous episode, an interview with Dr. Eric Kurlander about the Nazi fascination with the occult. Could the desire to live in a fantasy world happen again, but this time here in the USA?
Marine Corps F-35Bs are first fighters to fly from a Japanese carrier since World War II
A pair of Marine Corps F-35B Lightning II stealth aircraft became the first fighters to fly from a Japanese carrier since World War II after landing and taking off from the JS Izumo on Sunday.
Episode 6: Pseudoscience, the occult and the rise of Nazi Germany
In this episode of Military Matters, cohost Jack Murphy talks with Dr. Eric Kurlander, author of "Hitler's Monsters: A Supernatural History of the Third Reich," about the Nazi obsession with the occult and how Hitler convinced a country to abandon science for the allure of mysticism.
Navy’s tuition assistance will cover more credit hours, but fewer may qualify for program
Effective Friday, the number of credit hours the Navy pays for annually will increase from 12 to 18, according to a message from Vice Adm. John Nowell Jr., the chief of naval personnel. 
Fast Take: A hypothetical war with China
In this Fast Take episode of Military Matters, cohosts Rod Rodriguez and Jack Murphy revisit their three-part series about a hypothetical future war with China, taking into account the history of past U.S. wars — especially the just-concluded, 20-year Afghanistan War.
Episode 5: The rise of China, part three — war with China
Military Matters’ previous episodes on the growing threat from China examined the country’s rise as a global leader and its efforts at espionage against the United States. In the third and final episode of the series, co-host Jack Murphy and guest Roger Cliff take a look at the worst-case scenario: war.
Fast Take: An inside look at the fall of Afghanistan
In this Fast Take episode, host Rod Rodriguez talks with Daniel, a U.S. Special Forces service member and intelligence professional who was working in Afghanistan and was recently evacuated. Daniel, whose name and voice were changed to protect his safety and to avoid retribution, shared his thoughts about why Afghanistan fell the way it did, the chaos at the U.S. embassy in Kabul and what he thinks will happen next.