Fast take: How China could become an existential threat
In this Fast Take episode of Military Matters, co-hosts Rod Rodriguez and Jack Murphy discuss Murphy’s interview with former CIA analyst Gail Helt in last week’s episode, and examine how China could become an existential threat to the U.S.
‘These are our neighbors’: US airmen who survived catastrophic floods help German villages recover
Village leaders in Rittersdorf last week reached out to the U.S. military community, asking for help in cleaning up debris still scattered in the basin. About 25 people at Spangdahlem Air Base answered the call for help, base officials said, as did a few airmen from Ramstein Air Base.
Tokyo café staffed by robots offers job opportunities for the disabled
Get your drinks served to you by robot waitstaff piloted remotely by individuals with various physical limitations.
Episode 2: The rise of China, part one
Military Matters co-host Jack Murphy will examine the rise of China in a three-part series that kicks off this week with an interview with former CIA analyst Gail Helt.
Fast take: Can the military lead the way in progressive ideas?
In this Fast Take episode of Military Matters, co-hosts Rod Rodriguez and Jack Murphy continue the discussion about critical race theory and “wokeness.”
Marine and Army gunners in Australia practice techniques for deterring warships
U.S. Marines and soldiers are in the Australian state of Queensland practicing skills that could deny enemy warships access to Pacific waters in a conflict.
Shrine with 123 torii gates in Yamaguchi honors the white fox messenger of the Shinto god Inari
Shrine known for torii gates, fox statues is among Japan’s ‘most beautiful’
Olympic fencers take up where softball team left off at Marine base in Japan
The U.S. women’s Olympic fencing team sparred at the Atago Sports Complex in front of curious spectators Wednesday, the team’s first full day of practice in Japan ahead of the Tokyo Olympics.
Season 4 premiere: Critical race theory and a 'woke' military
In the Season 4 premiere episode of Military Matters, host Rod Rodriguez discusses “wokeness” and critical race theory in the military with guests, Brian “BK” Kimber, Air Force veteran and host of the weekly podcast, “World News with BK,” and John Witte, professor emeritus from University of Wisconsin, Madison, in the departments of political science and the Robert La Follette School of Public Affairs.
US Army fires HIMARS rocket system for first time in Japan during Orient Shield
U.S. soldiers fired a High Mobility Artillery Rocket System on the Japanese island of Hokkaido during a large-scale exercise that concluded Wednesday.