Regarding the March 13 article “No Yongsan alcohol sales after 9 p.m.” (Pacific editions): Now that the curfew is in effect, alcohol-related incidents [among U.S. servicemembers] have decreased in downtown Seoul and increased on post. Now there is a new policy to ban sales of alcohol on post in Army and Air Force Exchange Service facilities after 9 p.m., which is going to drive the folks most likely to get into alcohol-related events to go downtown to get their booze.

Why are we punishing the 99 percent of our soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines who abide by the laws and regulations for the actions of the few who most likely shouldn’t be in the service in the first place? Most of the folks causing the problems are not model citizens and have shown a path of problems through their time in service. Stop sending these people overseas and instead remove them from the service before they can cause problems.

If superiors cannot do that, may I suggest a tiered pass system that an Air Force commander on Okinawa initiated several years ago? An airman who has good ratings and no disciplinary problems was issued a Gold Pass that meant no restriction on leaving base whatsoever, showing trust for the individual. An airman who had fair ratings and no disciplinary problems was issued a Silver Pass that restricted the time he or she could go off post. And an airman who had poor ratings or any disciplinary action received no pass and was restricted to the base.

Master Sgt. Rick Osteen (retired)

U.S. Army Garrison Yongsan, South Korea

Uniforms, haircuts not spared

I would like to thank the writer of “God still ultimate authority” (letter, Narch 13) for reminding us all that God has and always will be the final arbiter of morality. In addition to banning homosexuality, I would like to suggest other policy changes the Defense Department should consider to ensure all servicemembers live by the standards set forth in God’s holy word.

1) Ditch current uniforms: Looking at the tag on the uniform I have on, I notice it is 50 percent nylon and 50 percent cotton. This is in clear violation of Leviticus 19:19, prohibiting the wearing of mixed fabric.

2) Rethink grooming standards: Leviticus 19:27 commands us to not “round the corners of your heads” I’m not exactly sure what this means, but I’m certain high-and-tights are out.

3) Combat adultery: The Uniform Code of Military Justice currently prohibits adultery, just as the Bible commands in Deuteronomy 22:22. However, instead of giving an Article 15, military leaders should consider executing servicemembers found guilty of the act after a fair (biblically based) court-martial.

Of course these suggestions don’t nearly cover all the commandments God has ordained (don’t even get me started on surf-and-turf nights at the dining facility), but by making simple changes such as the ones above, the DOD can ensure it maintains a holy (and therefore combat-effective) force.

Staff Sgt. Casey Leavings

Portales, N.M.

Today’s laws agenda-driven

The author of the March 9 letter “Bible not template for US laws” is correct. I suppose U.S. laws trump God’s law in his assertions. The Bible is a template for God’s status and decree for those who believe in reference to the never-ending saga of homosexuality.

Of course, humans have choices and their laws as of late are affected by political movements to change such laws to appeal to what is fashionable or enhance candidates for political powers. After all, there are only 535 people in America who draft, vote and write into law (for more than 300 million Americans) whatever agendas keep them in power.

The basic fundamental laws for humans were written thousands of years ago, which, in my understanding, weren’t merely biblical ideas as the letter writer pointed out. The few in power have always enjoyed playing God by their laws, which trump God’s laws, and thus we have rules of laws that govern.

Same-sex marriages today, “in God we trust” booted out yesterday, and the rules of humans’ laws will give birth to whatever issues appeal to a selected few tomorrow for political gains.

Terry Young

Kandahar, Afghanistan

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