As a deployed servicemember I was very happy [to learn] that Tricare will extend health care coverage up to age 26 for dependent children [under its Young Adult program]. My wife and I were excited that we could continue to provide good-quality health care to our children. Unfortunately, Tricare wants [payment for] three months of premium before one can enroll. This is a very costly initial premium.

This three-month upfront payment seems to contradict the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Tricare failed to explore the impact on families that have two or more children. It would be prudent for Tricare to explore this requirement to families and lessen this financial burden.

Capt. Tim Fahey

Forward Operating Base Wilson, Afghanistan

Cut off ungrateful Pakistan

It is not surprising that Pakistani officials have condemned the United States for getting Osama bin Laden. What is surprising is that we are still giving them aid and support as a reward for their incompetence in being able to find a world-class criminal living almost in the suburbs of their capital and next door to their military garrison.

With the economic situation the way it is in the U.S. at this time, we as a nation can ill afford to send money to Pakistan, build schools in Afghanistan, send ships and aid to Japan (especially after they turned down some nations’ help), give trade benefits to China, and help Mexican commercial drivers deliver in the U.S. In addition we have states giving benefits to illegal aliens when we have legal residents in need.

If we are going to provide services to other nations, then we need to start charging, and when countries like Pakistan [fail us], they should expect to pay the price.

David A. Bentley


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