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Pacific high school soccer season dates to remember

DODDS Japan tournamentsThursday, March 24-Saturday, March 26DODDS Japan boys soccer tournament, Berkey Field and Briggs Bay Field, Yokosuka Naval Base, Japan (hosted by Nile C. Kinnick High School).DODDS Japan girls soccer tournament, Reid Memorial Stadium, Naval Air Facility Atsugi, Japan (hosted by Zama American High School).

Korean-American Interscholastic Activities Conference TournamentsFriday, April 29-Saturday, April 30Korean-American Interscholastic Activities Conference Boys Division I (large schools) Soccer Tournament, Camp Humphreys, South Korea (hosted by Osan American)Korean-American Interscholastic Activities Conference Girls Division I (large schools) Soccer Tournament, Gyeonggi Suwon InternationalKorean-American Interscholastic Activities Conference Boys Division II (small schools) Soccer Tournament, International Christian-UijongbuKorean-American Interscholastic Activities Conerence Girls Division II (small schools) Soccer Tournament, Asia-Pacific International

Far East tournamentsMonday, May 16-Thursday, May 19DODDS Pacific Far East Boys Division II Soccer Tournament, Camp Humphreys, South Korea (hosted by Osan American High School).DODDS Pacific Far East Girls Division II Soccer Tournament, Penny Lake Fields 1 and 2, North Side Field and Matthew C. Perry High School Field, Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, Japan (hosted by Matthew C. Perry High School).Monday, May 16-Friday, May 20DODDS Pacific Far East Boys Division I Soccer Tournament, Mike Petty Stadium and Upper Field, Kubasaki High School, Camp Foster, Okinawa.DODDS Pacific Far East Girls Division I Soccer Tournament, Kadena High School Field and Ryukyu Middle School, Kadena Air Base, Okinawa.

Boys capsulesDivision ISouth KoreaSeoul American Falcons2010 season record — 13-9-3, sixth at Far East Tournament.Coach — Steve Boyd, fourth season.Key performers — Peter O’Grady, Sr., MF (18 goals, 9 assists); Mitchell Lee, Sr., MF; Peter Kim, Sr., MF (13, 3); Josh Chung, Jr., All-Far East MF (6, 7); Jay Han, Jr., MF (4, 6); David Voelker, So., F (4 goals); Andrew Lee, So., MF.Outlook — Reloading. Boyd has six players who’ve been together for two seasons and eight total seniors. Good attitude, depth, athleticism, more role players, good chemistry and should be better on defense.

OkinawaKadena Panthers2010 season record—13-10-1, second at Far East Tournament.Coach — Tom McKinney, fifth season.Key performers — Aaron Ahner, Sr., two-time All-Far East SW (5 goals, 10 assists); Nick Rogers, Jr., MF (3 goals); Marty Maschio, So., All-Far East F (13 goals, 2 assists); Dalton “Salty” Choquette, So., MF (8, 3); Cory Peckins, Sr., MF (transfer from Zama, 4 goals).Outlook — Always contending. Good senior leadership in Ahner and Peckins, much promise and potential in the middle, firepower in Maschio and a relatively young squad.

Kubasaki Dragons2010 season record — 8-15-2, fourth at Far East Tournament.Coach — Christopher Eastman, second season.Key performers — Leo Muro, Sr., All-Far East MF-F (23 goals, 6 assists); Jon Goddard, Sr. (4 goals); Mike Griffith, Sr., MF-F (7 goals).Outlook — Reloading. Graduation claimed several key players, but new ones have come in to take their places and a good core of veterans remains to lead the way.

JapanYokota Panthers2010 season record — 6-20-1, 10th at Far East Tournament.Coach — Victor Jackson, first season.Key performers — Mason McDaniel, Sr., MF (7 goals, 12 assists); Gabe Huizar, Sr., All-Far East SW; Lee Twyman, Fr., F.Outlook — Rebuilding. Graduation decimated the roster and the team is on its fourth new coach in four years. Just a question of how quickly Jackson parses together a very young roster with just three seniors.

Nile C. Kinnick Red Devils2010 season record — 18-12-1, eighth at Far East Tournament.Coach — Robert Tiffany, second season.Key performers — David Bailey, Sr., MF-Def (5 goals, 10 assists); Christopher Del Toro, Sr., MF (3, 7); Zach Yoder, So., MF-Def. (3, 4); Marcus Boehler, Jr., MF (Far East outstanding goalkeeper) (4, 2); Jay Schlesinger, Jr., MF-Def (5 goals); Neil Pothula, So., MF-F (6 goals); Auguste Couto, Jr., F-MF.Outlook — Rebuilding. Graduation gutted a roster and took three seniors who combined to score 50 goals. A good core remains, but they’ll have to do better than their season-opening home loss to Robert D. Edgren.

Division IIJapanRobert D. Edgren Eagles2010 season record — 10-12-1, fifth at Far East Tournament.Coach — Benjamin Ayres, third season.Key performers — Matt Linder, Sr., MF-F (28 goals, 3 assists); Jack Koch, Sr., F; T.J. Adamson, So., MF; Sean Gammel, Jr., Def.; Aric Butterfield, Fr., MF.Outlook — Reloading for DODDS Japan, contending for D-II title. Just call Linder the great equalizer; if he’s on the field, the Eagles have a shot at winning.

Zama American Trojans2010 season record — 2-23-1, ninth at Far East Division I Tournament.Coach — Meg Wilson, second season.Key performers — Malachi Cruz, Sr., RW; Steven Buritica, Jr., All-Far East MF; Derek Stevenson, So., F; Kenny Mishler, Jr., Def.; Jonathan Walworth, So., GK-Def.Outlook — Rebuilding. A very young team got hammered by graduation and transfers, but there’s enough young pieces to eventually build a solid contender.

Matthew C. Perry Samurai2010 season record — 32-8-3, Far East Tournament champion.Coach — Mark Lange, eighth season.Key performers — Tyelor Apple, Jr., MF-F (22 goals, 10 assists); Sean Barker, Sr., MF (14, 8); Yuta Fleming, Jr., MF (12, 7); Hayden Miller, Sr., GK-Def.; Alex Barker, Jr., MF (4, 8); Dims Wakimoto, Sr., Def. (5 assists); Dan Holmes, Fr., F; Gaku Lange, Fr., F; Calvin Barker, Jr., MF; Matt Smith, Jr., MF; Bryant Ray, Sr., GF-def.Outlook — Reloading-contending. Samurai must overcome the loss of Pacific goal-scoring leader Andre Bugawan (37 goals), but much remains from Perry’s first boys soccer champion team; a repeat is definitely within the conversation.

E.J. King Cobras2010 season record — 6-20-1, sixth at Far East Tournament.Coach — Steven Casner, third season.Key performers — Oscar Martin, Jr., F (5 goals, 9 assists); Francis Martin, Sr.; Andrew Chavez, So.; Adam Sobieck, Jr.; Kyoishi Reynolds, So.; Kento Reynolds, Fr.; Ryan May, Sr.Outlook — Rebuilding, but the Cobras’ tournament-based season should prepare them for the same conditions they’ll face at Far East.

South KoreaDaegu American Warriors2010 season record — 0-17, did not attend Far East Tournament due to lack of players.Coach — Larry Knierim, sixth season.Key performers — William Henry, Sr.; Ryan White, Sr.; Darius Wyche, Jr. (team-leading 3 goals); Samuel Oh, Jr.; Allen Dick, Jr.; Ashley Combs, So.; Chris Mead, So.Outlook — Rebuilding. A very young team; many have not played soccer before, and only seven return from last year’s dismal campaign.

Osan American Cougars2010 season record — 10-13-3, third at Far East Tournament.Coach — David Hamilton, second season.Key performers — Billy Bortscheller, Sr., SW; John Bradley, Sr., Def.; Jacob Davis, Jr., MF (7 goals); Darryl Fox, Sr., STP; Min Su Kim, So., MF; Richard Mejia, Jr., GK; Kee Park, Sr., MF; Daniel Plourde, Jr., MF-F.Outlook — Reloading. A good veteran core combined with many new, young faces has been working together for weeks to prepare. Three key starters left after last year, but Hamilton has plenty of replacement parts that the Cougars could give the Samurai a push for the D-II title.

Girls capsulesDivision IJapanYokota Panthers2010 season record — 7-13-5, 10th at Far East Tournament.Coach — Coach Matthew Whipple, eighth season.Key performers — Gabby Navarro, Jr., F (9 goals); Lexus Perez, Sr., F (3); Yasmina Yeagers, Sr., F; Erika Ettl, Jr., MF (5 goals); Kasa Samuel, So., Def.; Katelyn Sult, So., Def.; Kathryn White, Jr., GK.Outlook — Reloading. With enough work, Whipple says the Panthers could also be in contention for the Kanto Plain title and a deep run at Far East, but he acknowledges the competition will be fierce.

Nile C. Kinnick Red Devils2010 season record — 17-5-3, fifth at Far East Tournament.Coach — Nicolas Hindie, ninth season.Key performers — Vicky Hollingshead, Sr., GK; Audrey Parker, Sr., MF; Megham Pomeroy, Jr., F (30 goals); Marina Nakayama, Sr., Def.; Jillian Parker, Sr., Def-MF; Mari McDonald, Jr., MF-F; Kayla Forsythe, Jr, Def.; Kara Matteson, Jr., MF-F; Kaile Johnson, Fr., MF.Outlook — Contending. A solid crew of veterans and an explosive goal scorer in Pomeroy make the Red Devils a solid favorite in Kanto, DODDS Japan and Far East.

OkinawaKubasaki Dragons2010 season record — 19-5-3, third at Far East TournamentCoach — Shawn Green, first season (has assisted boys and girls teams for several years).Key performers — Elizabeth Fabila, Jr., F (41 goals); Ku’uleialoha Ampong, Sr., Def.; Katelynn Knox, Sr., Def.; Kaitlynn Hadley, Sr., Def.; Vanessa Arroyoarroyo, Sr., MF.Outlook — Rebuilding-reloading. A “work in progress,” Green describes his team, one that’s in transition and can be good, but “it will take time and commitment.” Key components such as Heather Hyson and Brianna Tarver must be replaced.

Kadena Panthers2010 season record — 11-8-2, eighth at Far East Tournament.Coach — Paul Chirichetti, second season.Key performers — Bria Pressley, Jr., MF; Christin Gentz, Sr., Def.; Asuka Yamashiro, So., MF; Alisia Barcinas, So., MF; Caitlin McNeal, Sr., MF; Andrea Grade, Sr., MF; Leanne Isley, Sr., Def.; Jasmine Pressley, Sr., MF (12 goals).Outlook — Rebuilding-reloading. Much will depend on how Bria Pressley rebounds from injuries that sidelined her most of last season, and if she and Jasmine can regain the mojo that helped them lead Osan American to a Division II title in 2009. Plenty of other pieces remain as well; just a question of how they come together.

South KoreaSeoul American Falcons2010 season record — 16-4-6, Far East Tournament champion.Coach — Scott Bittner, first season.Key performers — Liz Gleaves, Sr., MF-F-GK (9 goals, 5 assists led team last season); Angelique Nash, Jr., All-Far East Def.; Allie Barnes, Sr., All-Far East Def.; Amanda Jackson, Fr., RW; Tori Roberts, Fr., F; Gloria Patterson, Sr., MF.Outlook — Reloading for Korean-American Interscholastic Activities Conference Division I; contending, again, for Far East Division I. Thanks to the addition of Fab Freshmen Jackson and Roberts, Falcons possess much more scoring power than last year’s 42-goal, 26-match effort in which the strategy was to keep matches scoreless and take them to shootouts, where goalkeeper Gleaves decided things.

Division IISouth KoreaOsan American Cougars2010 season record — 16-3-4, Far East Tournament two-time champion.Coach — Sung Plourde, 11th season.Key performers — Alina Hauter, Sr., All-Far East SW; Lydia Kim, Sr., All-Far East STP; Courtney Ouellette, Sr., All-Far East MF (9 goals, 13 assists); Deanne Polaski, Sr., GK; Lais Lima, Sr., MF; Stephanie McDole, Jr., F (15 goals); Alex Hauter, Jr., Def.; Hannah Wolf, So., MF-F.Outlook — Rebuilding-reloading. Angela Frisby (17 goals) graduated last June, but most of the components who built Osan’s two-time champion team return for yet another run.

Daegu American Warriors2010 season record — 10-13-1, third at Far East Tournament.Coach — Ed Thompson, sixth season.Key performers — Angie Robinet, Sr., two-time All-Far East MF; Kristina Bergman, Sr., two-time All-Far East F; Gulee Kwon, Sr., All-Far East SW-STP-MF; Hana Noguchi, Sr., MF; Sarah Wright, Fr., SW; Haley Clairborne, Fr., STP-GK.Outlook — Reloading for KAIAC, contending at Far East. Much rests on everybody staying healthy; depth may be a slight concern.

JapanRobert D. Edgren Eagles2010 season record — 9-10-5, second at Far East Tournament.Coach — Justin Edmonds, first season.Key performers — Marissa Goodwin, Sr., SW; Jen Black, Jr., MF (20 goals, 8 assists).Outlook — Rebuilding, and if Black, who suffered a knee injury during Far East Basketball Tournament last month, the outlook could be bleak for an Eagles team short on experience and which must replace departed speedster Ashley Hawkins.

Matthew C. Perry Samurai2010 season record — 8-21-2, fifth at Far East Tournament.Coach — Rick Stanford, first season (previously coached Kadena to 2000 Division I Tournament title).Key performers — Bre’Onna Ray, Sr., All-Far East F; Tyesha Clayton, Sr., MF; Kelli Clark, Sr., Def.Outlook — Rebuilding, although it appears that Ray is all the way back from a knee injury that sidelined her all of last season; she already has eight goals in two matches and gives the Samurai the forward strike capability they haven’t had since Karla Stroud (48 goals) two years ago.

Zama American Trojans2010 season record — 13-8-3, seventh at Far East Tournament.Coach — Rogers Pitts, third season.Key performers — Eris Pitts, Sr., F (10 goals); Yuri Fisher, Sr., MF; Rachel Walls, Jr., MF-F (16 goals, 8 assists); Samantha Callahan, Jr., MF.Outlook — Reloading. The glory days of the Ashliman sisters are long gone, replaced by youngsters led by a core group of four veterans from the 2009 Far East Tournament title squad. A matter of stepping up, coach Pitts says. “We don’t have the numbers, but we’ll be competitive as always.”


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