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Division I

Humphreys Blackhawks2018 Far East meet Division II finish — Combined, boys and girls first.Coach — Ron Merriwether, fourth season.Key performers — Miles Brice, Sr., jumps, throws, relay; Shvoda Gregory Jr., relay, hurdles, sprints; Jalen Hill, Sr., relays, 400; Jaylan Horne, Sr., relay, sprints, middle distance; Cullen Areniego, Sr., hurdles, sprints; Cleopatra Cody, Sr., relays, jumps, sprints; David Key, Jr., throws, sprints, relays; Quintin Metcalf, Sr., relays, jumps, hurdles, middle distance; Ebony Dykes, Sr., throws (transferred from Seoul American); Taliyah Calloway, Jr., sprints, relays; Daniel McIntosh, Sr., distance; Timothy Kilborn, Sr., distance (transferred from Indiana); Acadia May, Jr., sprints; Jaela Higgs, Jr., sprints, middle distance (transferred from El Paso, Texas).Outlook — Reloading-contending. The boys are coming off two straight Division II titles; now, the Blackhawks take on the challenge of competing at D-I. Merriwether has 18 athletes back from the D-II champions of a year ago. They have some holes to fill, but for the most part, will give the big schools a challenge.

Kadena Panthers2018 Far East meet finish — Combined, third; boys, third; girls, fifth.Coach — Doyle Robertson, second season.Key performers — Keyyana Womack, Sr., sprints, relays; Guy Renquist, Sr., distance; Hayden Bills, Sr., distance; Trevor Williams, Sr., distance; Christian Tsirlis, Sr., middle distance; Madelyn Tsirilis, So., middle distance, relays; Uriah Morris, Sr., throws; Eric McCarter, Sr., sprints, relays.Outlook — Boys contending, girls rebuilding. Very strong in all boys events; could also be potentially strong in the distance relays if a fourth leg can be developed. Spotty on the girls side, though Womack is projected to challenge region records in sprints.

Kubasaki Dragons2018 Far East meet finish — Combined, second; boys, fifth; girls, second.Coach — Kenneth Gipson, fourth season.Key performers — Nala Gardner, Jr., sprints; Jaidah Davis, Sr., hurdles; Vincent Hill, Sr., sprints, jumps; Gage Carter, Sr., sprints, hurdles; Summer Stevenson, Fr., distance; Jack Livingston, Fr., distance.Outlook — Rebuilding, especially on the girls side, with sprinters and hurdlers graduated. A handful of seniors remain. Gipson has expressed “a lot of confidence” in the abilities of freshmen Stevenson and Livingston.

Nile C. Kinnick Red Devils2018 Far East meet finish — Combined, boys and girls first; combined for fourth straight year.Coach — Luke Voth, seventh season; Tony San Nicolas, fifth season.Key performers — Debrianna Ellis, Jr., sprints; Sontti Sesay, Sr., hurdles, jumps; Annabel Stafford, Sr., distance; Avani Gardner, So., throws; Jainey Alfini, Jr., middle distance; Peiadra Sutton, Jr., sprints, jumps; Carlos Mobely, Sr., distance; Josh Minimo, Sr., middle distance; Connor Joley, Sr., throws; Haydn Guiste, Sr., jumps; HanokhEliyahu Gailson, Jr., distance.Outlook — Rebuilding. A handful of folks back from the championship years; the Red Devils will still be strong, but graduation, transfers and out-of-season injuries have claimed a great number of athletes.

Division II

Daegu Warriors2018 Far East meet finish — Combined, eighth; boys, ninth; girls, eighth.Coach — Victor Rivera, first season.Key performers — Cedric Turner Jr., Sr., sprints, relays, jumps; Dai’Ja Turner, So., sprints, jumps, relays; Owen Toplik, Fr., jumps; Ariel Harvey, Fr., sprints, relays; Sahid Aguirre, Fr., middle distance, distance; J.B. Pope, Jr., hurdles, sprints, relays; Gabriella Stutts, Sr., sprints, relays; Paul Williamson, Sr., distance, middle distance; Tamatua Bereiter, Sr., sprints, relays, throws.Outlook — Rebuilding. Rivera, who replaces departed longtime coach Brett Leonard, hopes that the team can go from the just-starting phase to being competitive at season’s end.

Robert D. Edgren Eagles2017 Far East meet finish — Combined, sixth; boys, did not place; girls, fourth.Coach — Tim Schwehr, second season. Key performers — Momomi Atkinson, Sr., relays, middle distance, hurdles; Lydia Stone, Fr., throws; Anthony Nelson, So., sprints; Chauncey Williams, Sr.; Riley Palfy, Sr., distance, relays.Outlook — Rebuilding, with six of seven Far East qualifiers from last year either graduated or transferred. Half the numbers that the team had last season.

E.J. King CobrasCoaches — Nicole Reuss, Travis Elliott.Key performer — L.J. Scarver, Jr., sprints (transferred from Jacksonville, Fla.); Brandon Powell, Fr., jumps, sprints.Outlook — Just starting. The last Division II team to start up a program; now, all DODEA-Pacific schools have track and field teams. Scarver will be the centerpiece around which the team is constructed. Reuss, who’s new to Sasebo, coached DDESS Fort Knox’s boys to a 1A state championship.

Matthew C. Perry SamuraiCoach — Jason Perdew, first season (assisted last season).Key performers — Owen Young, Jr., distance (reigning Far East Division II cross country champion); Angelique Armijo, Jr., distance (reigning Far East Division II cross country champion); Iyana Whitener, So., sprints; Joseph Andres, So., hurdles, throws; Amy Cain, Fr., distance, middle distance; Deion Stevens, Sr.Outlook — Still building, in second year of competition. Numbers are way up, from 17 to 39 as of the second week of the season. Could make some noise in Division II if things come together “and they stay healthy,” Perdew said.

Osan Cougars2018 Far East meet finish — Combined, 11th; boys, did not place; girls, ninth.Coach — Brad Helsel, third season.Key performers — Jaden Wright, Sr., throws; Griffin Armstrong, Jr., throws; Gregory Lunn, So., throws; Ingrid Pele, Fr., throws; Madison Villanueva, Fr., sprints, jumps; Tyler Fazande, Sr., distance, middle distance; Jaxon Andersson, Sr., distance; Jacob Pennington, So., distance.Outlook — Rebuilding, but with the most high school athletes, 17, that Helsel has had in his coaching tenure. Good throwers, in particular, with potential to qualify for Far East, as well as distance runners, especially among boys. The rest of the field is inexperienced.

Seoul American Falcons2018 Far East meet Division I finish — Combined, fifth; boys, did not place; girls, fourth.Coach — Terry Weaver, first season.Key performers — Joseph Monette, Sr., distance; Megan Weaver, Sr., sprints, hurdles; Deven Reyes, Sr., throws; Jonathan Gibson, Sr., throws.Outlook — Rebuilding combined with school closure in June and losing several athletes (McIntosh, Dykes among them) to Humphreys.

Yokota Panthers2018 Far East meet finish — Combined, fourth; boys, fourth; girls, third.Coach — Dan Galvin, seventh season.Key performers — Mickey Galvin, Jr., distance, middle distance; Dwight Phillips, Jr., throws; Sia Davis, Sr., middle distance, sprints; Hana Robbins, Jr., middle distance, sprints; Macie Jones, Jr., throws; Annaliese Schneider, Sr., distance; Austin Fisher, Jr., throws, jumps; Cameron Ewens, Sr., sprints.Outlook — Rebuilding. Some upperclassmen coming out for track for the first time, combined with up-and-coming talented freshmen could make the team competitive by season’s end.

Zama Trojans2017 Far East meet finish — Combined, fourth (snaps four-year streak of combined D-II titles); boys, fifth; girls, third.Coach — Daisy Whitaker-Hayes, first year.Key performers — Keshawn McNeill, Fr., sprints, jumps; Jalen Brown, Fr., sprints; Destiny Bushnell, So., sprints; Brianna Ratliff, Jr., sprints, jumps, throws; Kaleb Logan, Sr., throws; Joseph Sanchez, Jr., sprints, jumps, distance; Luke Singer, Jr., sprints, jumps, throws; Kate Hultquist, Jr., throws, distance; Joshua Caburian Fr., distance, relays; Chandler Platt, Jr., sprints, jumps.Outlook — Contending among sprinters, rebuilding in distance and throws for boys. Trying to build depth among the girls. Quite a few freshmen with plenty of potential to do big things.


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