It is somewhat irritating to see such a blatant agenda of censorship and social control spelled out as was the concoction in the March 13 letter “See threat Limbaugh poses.” Full of nonsensical rationale, it tried to create some nexus between generic social topics and Rush Limbaugh’s comments.

Regardless of whether one agrees with Limbaugh’s views, the fact is he has a right to say what he pleases. Not just that, but consider how popular his opinions seem to be; it’s simply because many people choose to listen to him.

The letter writer seems to have a very low opinion of the intellect of the servicemembers here today. I believe they can, and should, make their own decisions about the various viewpoints aired on American Forces Network. I have not seen anything here that makes me think we need to be taken care of by someone 8,000 miles away.

I acknowledge the letter writer has her freedom to speak also, but she must have served in a different military than I did. My service was based on protecting our freedoms (like freedom of speech), not taking them away.

Curtis Reynolds

Kaiserslautern, Germany

Differing beliefs can coexist

I would like to remind the author of the March 13 letter “God still ultimate authority” and the readers that this is not God’s Army, this is the United States of America’s military. The U.S. military is not governed by any form of religious laws and, in fact, has a strong policy of separating religious beliefs and the creation of policy — just as the U.S. government has the same policy, codified in the Constitution as the separation of church and state (freedom of religion).

This great country protects our freedom to believe (or not believe) anything. I am obligated to remind the letter writer that he is a soldier before all, and our “orders” (Uniform Code of Military Justice laws by which we must abide) allow homosexuals to serve their country just as heterosexuals can.

I also remind the letter writer and the readers that there are literally hundreds of beliefs still alive today, and every single one of them is just as legitimate as the next, and none is more legitimate than the others.

My book of wisdoms specifically says my overarching principle comes above all gods and heaven. Does that mean mine is better than your God? No, it simply means that is part of my belief system.

I find the very idea of forcing my beliefs down someone else’s throat absolutely appalling, and the idea of persecuting others due to their difference in beliefs or their not meshing with my beliefs even more so.

I love this country because of the freedoms we have, the freedoms that are protected, and they should never be abridged.

Spc. Cody Spradlin

Forward Operating Base Masum Ghar, Afghanistan

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