Boys soccerDivision ISouth KoreaSeoul American Falcons2011 season record — 13-7-5, reigning Far East Tournament champion.Coach — Steve Boyd, fifth season.Key performers — Josh Chung, Sr., MF, two-time All-Far East and reigning tournament MVP (12 goals, 4 assists); Jay Han, Sr., MF (2, 3); David Voelker, Jr., F (8, 1); Andrew Clark, So., MF; Josh Naputi, Sr., F (4, 2); Hokyong Shin, Fr., MF; David Neaverth, Fr., MF; Josh Wright, Sr., def.; Harold Martin, S., F/MF; Tomiwa Akinbayo, Sr., def.; Devyn Williams, Jr., MF.Outlook — Contending, with 15 players returning from last year, including six starters. Superior depth and overall versatility make this team an upgrade from 2011, Boyd says. Strongest midfield he’s had to date, and very excited about his defense.

OkinawaKadena Panthers2011 season record — 4-11, sixth at Far East Tournament.Coach — Nelson Youngblood, first season.Key performers — Nick Rogers, Sr., MF; Scott Vogel, Sr., def.; Masato Dickerson, Sr., MF; Jeremiah Ishikawa, Sr., def.; Gabriel Rodriguez, Sr., MF/def.; Christopher Butler, Sr., def.; Kalvin Chase, Sr., MF; Jeremy Davis, Sr., MF.Outlook — Rebuilding for now, but if the Panthers adjust to new system and new coach in short order, they could well contend by Far East.

Kubasaki Dragons2011 season record — 15-7-2, second at Far East Tournament.Coach — Christopher Eastman, third season.Key performers — Nick Barker, Sr., MF (12 goals, 6 assists); Sean Mathis, Sr., def.; Isaac Garza, Sr., def. (2, 3).Outlook — Reloading. Not as star-studded as the 2011 Far East runners-up were, no real standouts but good balance and plenty of talent for another deep Far East run.

JapanYokota Panthers2011 season record — 1-8-1.Coach — Victor Jackson, second season.Key performers — Lee Twyman, So., F (7 goals); Adam Rivera, Sr., F; Micah Swygert, So., def.; Josh Cordoba, So., F.Outlook — Rebuilding. Roster was decimated last spring by the evacuation in the wake of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami; Jackson is pretty much starting over.

Nile C. Kinnick Red Devils2011 season record — 10-6-3.Coach — Robert Tiffany, third season.Key performers — Zach Yoder, Jr., MF-def. (12 goals, 3 assists); Marcus Boehler, Sr., MF (5, 4); Jay Schlesinger, Sr., MF-def. (6 goals); Neil Pothula, Jr., MF-F (5 goals); Branden Yoder, So.; Brady Yoder, Fr.Outlook — Rebuilding. Small in size to start the season, and lost a handful of players due to the evacuation after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.

Division IIJapanRobert D. Edgren Eagles2011 season record — 6-5-2.Coach — Michael Gros, first season.Key performers — Sean Gammel, Jr., def.; Mark Mongkolsirikul, Jr., def.; Erick Ferrufino, Sr., SW; Austin Burdick, Fr., F; Michael Roberts, Fr., F; Chris Finco, Jr., GK.Outlook — Rebuilding. Small team, just a handful of returners and few players with soccer experience and skill.

Zama American Trojans2011 season record — 8-7-2.Coach — Michelle Simmer, first season.Key performers — Derek Stevenson, Jr., F (17 goals); Ryan Walls, So. (All-Far East last year); Tyler Carver, Sr.; Brenden Sullivan, Sr.; Kenichi Mishler, Sr.; Daniel Boyle, Jr.; Nick Wilson, So.; Sho Tachizaki, So.; Andrew Baac, Jr.Outlook — Reloading. Could contend for the school’s first D-II soccer title should this wealth of experience gel under the team’s third coach in four years.

Matthew C. Perry Samurai2011 season record — 20-4-1, second at Far East Tournament.Coach — Mark Lange, ninth season.Key performers — Tyelor Apple, Sr., MF-F (Pacific-leading 38 goals); Yuta Fleming, Sr., All-Far East MF (20, 10); Alex Barker, Sr., All-Far East MF (14, 15); Gaku Lange, So., F (7, 4); Calvin Barker, Sr., MF; Yasuki Milsop, Jr., SW; Sam Hess, So., F; Justin Hill, Fr., MF; R.J. Traylor, Sr., GK.Outlook — Contending, contending, contending. May be Lange’s best bet to overcome perennial nemesis Yongsan International-Seoul and recapture the D-II tournament title the Samurai won in 2010.

E.J. King Cobras2011 season record — 6-19-1.Coach — Mark Constantine, first season.Key performers — Kento Reynolds, So., MF (4 goals, 5 assists); Kiyoshi Reynolds, Sr., F (6, 3); Andrew Chavez, Jr., GK; Adam Sobieck, Sr., def.; Daiichi Bellwood, So., SW; Keonia Averell, Jr., ST; Steven Ball, So., MF; Paul Asyn, Sr., F; Steven Marczak, Jr., MF; Brian Carandang, Sr., def.; Thomas McGrath, Fr., F.Outlook — Reloading and could contend for its first D-II title in five years. Kento Reynolds is an “uncommon talent,” Constantine says, and Chavez combines speed and aggressiveness to keep the Cobras in every game.

South KoreaDaegu Warriors2011 season record — 4-19.Coach — Larry Knierim, sixth season.Key performers — Darius Wyche, Sr.; Ashley Combs, Jr. (7 goals); Chris Mead, Jr.; Grant Lee, F (missed last season with an injury); Michael Ray, def.; Preston Sciria, def.; Sam Oh, MF; Richard Buck, def.; Patrick O’Houlahan, def.; Sean O’Houlahan, def.; Jared Burnett, def.-GK.Outlook — Reloading. Showing plenty of promise two years after not having gone to Far East at all due to lack of players.

Osan American Cougars2011 season record — 5-15-3.Coach — David Hamilton, third season.Key performers — Daniel Plourde, Jr., MF; Min Su Kim, Jr., MF; Matthew Murphy, So., SW-def.; Jacob Ives, Sr., SW-ST; Steven Corlew, So., GK-def.; Jimin Dong, Sr., def.; James McGovern, Jr., def.; Degraft Agyel, Sr., F; Manasseh Nartey, Jr., MF; Tyrone Boylan, Jr., F.Outlook — Reloading. Should be outmanned by its D-I opposition, but could have the goods to play spoiler in the D-II Far East tournament.

Girls soccerDivision IJapanYokota Panthers2011 season record — 3-7-4, sixth at Far East Tournament.Coach — Coach Matthew Whipple, ninth season.Key performers — Gabby Navarro, Sr., F (5 goals); Erika Ettl, Sr., MF; Katelyn Sult, Jr., Def.; Kathryn White, Sr., GK; Caitlin Older, Sr., def.; Anju Yamanaka, Jr., F; Michaela Atchley, Sr., F; Mindy Adams, So., def.; Emily Beemsterboer, Jr., def.; Rachel Phillips, Fr., F; Kaeleigh Williams, Fr., F.Outlook — Reloading with a chance to be competitive at Far East. Season interrupted by the evacuation following the March 11 earthquake and tsunami; Whipple hopes the Panthers can right themselves in short order.

Nile C. Kinnick Red Devils2011 season record — 9-3-5, fourth at Far East Tournament.Coach — Nicolas Hindie, 10th season.Key performers — Mari McDonald, Sr., MF-F (10 goals); Kayla Forsythe, Sr., def.; Kaile Johnson, So., F; Kim Caliliw, So., def.; Aiko Allan, So.; Risa Haas, Jr., MF; Liesl Strand, Jr., MF/def; Elisha Daering, So., MF; Mashiya McKinney, Jr., MF; Emily Stith, Sr., GK.Outlook — Reloading. Much young talent with a look to the future, but Hindie says they could contend if they work hard and gel quickly as a team. Meghan Pomeroy’s 37 goals prior to her leaving after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami will be hard to replace.

OkinawaKubasaki Dragons2011 season record — 13-6-2, second at Far East Tournament.Coach — Annie Mudd, first season.Key performers — Elizabeth Fabila, Sr., F (34 goals last season, 100 for her career); J’Ira Wilson, Sr. (4 goals, 3 assists); Makayla Palazzo, Jr. (4, 5); Marissa Mesquita, Fr.; Stephanie Dowse, Fr.; Jessica Ircink, Fr.; Katelyn Lerette, Sr., def.; Angelica Juliano, Sr., MF; Rimika Ortiz, Sr., GK.Outlook — Contending, contending, contending. A veteran squad with good chemistry, A two time runner-up finishes sandwiching a third-place finish in 2010 for a group with two or three years’ experience. Mudd played college ball at Berea (Ky.), an NAIA school.

Kadena Panthers2011 season record — 4-8-2, fifth at Far East Tournament.Coach — Kerrie Katz, first season.Key performers — Alisia Barcinas, Jr., MF (6 goals); Stephanie Mobley, Sr., def.; Madeline Velazquez, Sr., MF; Angela McNatt, Jr., GK.Outlook — Rebuilding-reloading. Young group aiming for future success that welcomes back a wealth of experience in Mobley and Velazquez, neither of whom played her sophomore or junior years for Kadena but who could help the Panthers win in the present.

South KoreaSeoul American Falcons2011 season record — 17-3-3, third at Far East Tournament.Coach — Scott Bittner, second season.Key performers — Angelique Nash, Sr., two-time All-Far East def.; Amanda Jackson, So., F (7 goals, 10 assists); Tammy Garman, Sr., GK; Ivy Delacruz, Sr., F; Josie Imrie, So., MF; Natalie Williamson, Sr., F; Hannah Nelson, Jr., F.Outlook — Rebuilding-reloading. Won’t be easy replacing Liz Gleaves (34 goals, 6 assists) and Tori Roberts (12, 3), but Bittner and the Falcons still have enough firepower to make a run at more league and Far East hardware.

Division IISouth KoreaOsan American Cougars2011 season record — 16-7-5, three-time Far East Tournament champion.Coach — Sung Plourde, 12th season.Key performers — Stephanie McDole, Sr., F (8 goals, recovering from torn ACL); Alex Hauter, Sr., def. (also recovering from torn ACL, may play after spring break; Hannah Wolf, Jr., MF-F (6 goals, 9 assists); Rachel Essex, Sr., def./GK; Janellis Collins, Sr., GK; Ashley LaFortune, Sr., def.; Randi Ferido, Fr., F.Outlook — Rebuilding. Having to replace perennial All-Far East goalkeeper Deanne Polaski, defender Alina Hauter and midfielder Courtney Ouellette may be too tall an order; still, that’s been said before of previous Cougars teams left for dead, only to rise and contend again.

Daegu Warriors2011 season record — 17-6-2, fourth at Far East Tournament.Coach — Ed Thompson, seventh season.Key performers — Haley Clairborne, So., def./GK (12 assists); Carlota Cepria, Sr.; Lari Robertson, So. (6 goals); Demi Kelly, So.; Jenny Tyras, So.; Kaitlyn Nott, So.; Christina Thompson, Jr.Outlook — Rebuilding. Lost Kristina Bergman, Angie Robinet, Gulee Kwon and their combined 43 goals to graduation and six others still at school who aren’t playing this season; Thompson said it was touch and go whether the Warriors would field a team at all.

JapanRobert D. Edgren Eagles2011 season record — 1-8-0.Coach — Justin Edmonds, second season.Key performers — Jen Black, Sr., MF (missed 2011 with a torn ACL after getting 20 goals, 8 assists as a sophomore); Vanessa Black, Fr., MF; Ashley Mazi, GK; Rachel Tyo, So.Outlook — Reloading. As good as Jen Black is on the pitch, her younger sister is reputedly better; thus, the Eagles “are expecting big things from the Black sisters,” Edmonds said as the team looks forward to a competitive season after playing just four regular-season games a year ago.

Matthew C. Perry Samurai2011 season record — 15-5-4, second at Far East Tournament for third time in four years.Coach — Rick Stanford, second season (previously coached Kadena to 2000 Division I Tournament title).Key performers — Samantha Herritt, Jr., MF (10 goals, 7 assists); Anne Naseer, Jr., def.; Courtney Beall, So., MF (13, 3); Lexie Krenick, So.; Sierra Apple, Fr., F.Outlook — Rebuilding. PCS season was not kind to the Samurai; not one soccer player transferred to Iwakuni, Stanford said; thus, they’ll rely on that handful of returners and a cast of freshmen.

Zama American Trojans2011 season record — 4-10-2.Coach — Rogers Pitts, fourth season.Key performers — Rachel Walls, Sr., MF-F (8 goals, 6 assists); Samantha Callahan, Sr., def./MF; Katrina Fuentes, Sr., def.; Carley Olsen, Sr., GK; Maia Brumage, Jr., F.Outlook — Reloading for the future, which “might be here sooner than you think,” Pitts says of a group of freshmen that could do some serious D-II damage if they stay together for a few years. Then again, his core of five veterans could also make a run at a D-II title in their swan-song season.

E.J. King CobrasCoach — Charles Strobino, first season.Key performers — Marie Meneses, Sr., MF; Kelly Murphy, So., MF.Outlook — Building. Played as a club team last year with an invitation to the Far East D-II Tournament; this is first season E.J. King is fielding a full-fledged girls soccer team.

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