As the outrage on the left continues over what Rush Limbaugh said, where is the outrage over the real point? A 30-year-old woman going to Georgetown (a Jesuit university) wants taxpayers to pay for her birth control. She knew full well that the school’s health plan did not cover birth control but decided to go anyway in the hopes she could change their policy. She spoke at a trumped-up press conference held by Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., because she was not allowed to speak at the Senate hearing trying to determine if it was legal for the president to order Catholic schools/hospitals/businesses to cover contraception and morning-after pills in their insurance plans when it is against their beliefs. Sandra Fluke has no expertise in this area and that was why she was not allowed to testify before the Senate panel.

As to the name-calling that Limbaugh did toward Fluke, I agree 100 percent that it was not called for. But where is the outrage over the double standard on civility? Bill Maher called Sarah Palin names that were a lot worse than “slut” and “prostitute” and then donated a million dollars to the super PAC that supports President Barack Obama. Where was the outrage?

Wanda Sykes performed at a White House Correspondents Association dinner with the president there and said she hoped that Limbaugh’s kidneys failed and also that he needed to be waterboarded. Where is the outrage?

When conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart died, Rolling Stone posted the following headline: “Andrew Breitbart: Death of a Douche.” Where is the outrage?

As long as it is the left/liberals/Democrats saying the hate speech it is OK, but when anyone else says anything it needs to be immediately condemned and repudiated?

Chief Warrant Officer 3 Adam Coltes

Bamberg, Germany

Bible not template for US laws

I wanted to take a moment and respond to the March 8 letter “Photo of gay kiss over the top.” The letter writer’s biblical beliefs are his right but he needs to understand that in this country we have rule of law, not rule of biblical ideas.

He may not be aware of how many homosexuals there are in the military and, to be honest, neither am I. But I do know that they have the same rights as he or I do and those rights must be respected and protected.

The picture of the male Marine and his male partner kissing was absolutely right to show and it means we are not going backward but forward and need to continue to do so. The Bible is a book that I believe in 100 percent, but it is not law.

Lt. Cmdr. Brian McGuire (retired)

Norfolk, Va.

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