The photo you posted in the March 4 Mideast and Pacific editions with the article “Gay Marine’s homecoming kiss gets worldwide notice” is both disgusting and outrageous. It’s bad enough to publish articles that cover the debauchery of homosexuality, but to show that photo crosses the line.

The vast majority of military members I know do not support homosexuality in the military in any way, let alone homosexuality on its own. Yet the voices of opposition to homosexuality continue to not be heard by biased media outlets. “Don’t ask, don’t tell,” although not perfect, was a good compromise for the military. The military is not a 9-to-5 job; it requires people to work in combat 24/7 operations, often under extreme conditions.

I can’t always choose who I room with. But as a Christian, it goes against my faith and the clear word of God (for those Christians who disagree, blow the dust off your Bibles and take a read) to practice such an act; it is clearly a sin.

Marriage has always and should always be between a man and a woman, for it was designed by God and clearly stated in his word. Even non-Christians can agree with this. America is in a deep moral slide and this country will pay the due penalty of its errors.

Master Sgt. Corey Wade

Kandahar, Afghanistan

Not a war against Limbaugh

I want to make several points regarding Rush Limbaugh’s recent comments about the female Georgetown University law student who recently testified regarding contraception and health insurance policies.

1) Sticks and stones: We need to admit that words injure, especially in our digital age when the vast majority of communication revolves around the digital pen. When Limbaugh uses the portmanteau word “feminazi” or the less creative slur “slut,” it triggers deep emotional responses. Those who use hate speech, like Limbaugh, deserve our scorn — as this type of mentality encompasses everything that is wrong with civilized society. Discriminatory words echo dark phases and phrases in human history that we must not repeat.

2) If it bleeds, it leads: As any veteran (I’m one) knows, the only thing that looks like a war zone is a war zone. Often we read headlines that revolve around wars. While it is true that tornadoes, hurricanes, fires and floods leave behind a path of destruction, such damage is generally characteristic of natural elements alone. Nature’s chaos does not generally stop with human intervention, and comparisons between storm destruction and a war zone reduce the impact of human conflict.

Other word inflictions have to do with word pairings. Class warfare is one such word combination that proves problematic because it plays off the visualization of live ammunition and a real battlefield. Additionally, words, parodies or symbols juxtaposed or branded with Nazism, anti-Semitic sentiment and racist attitudes severely diminish the horrors and genocide of an entire people.

3) Fool me once, shame on you: If we take into consideration the multitude of times Limbaugh either [implies] or uses sexist, racist and misogynistic language, it only proves one thing — his rants do not hold up against a claim of ignorance. In fact, Limbaugh’s apology is a lie. Apologies are a good start, especially in the case of ignorance, but sometimes not enough. To ignore Limbaugh’s hate-filled messages is to support a cycle of abuse against women and civilized people. If we take the microphone away from Limbaugh, it removes but one hateful liar from the broadcast airwaves. Nevertheless, one at a time we can make a personal choice not to listen to individuals who speak about women in cruel ways.

4) The pen is mightier than the sword: While words do not literally shoot bullets, they do puncture. This is not a “war” against Limbaugh. We do not want to “kill” Limbaugh. Likewise, if we repeal support for Limbaugh, it is not a bullet fired directly into the heart of the First Amendment. It is sensational to call a stand against Limbaugh a “war” on freedom of speech. Action against hate speech is simply action against old mentalities. We need action if we ever hope to change our world and strive toward a future where equality is the goal.

Margaret Viboolsittiseri

Wiesbaden, Germany

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