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With all due respect to Dan K. Thomasson, I found his Sept. 9 column “Gun lobby indifferent to continuing slaughter” idiotic and condescending. So this one legally armed bystander — who decides to show common sense and restraint, and not engage in a shootout with a gunman armed with superior firepower — ends the “gun lobby” argument to legally carry a weapon? If this person had engaged, and possibly caused more casualties, I’m sure Thomasson would have found fault with that too. There’s just no way of winning with you guys.

You see, legal gun owners like myself and that gentleman are a responsible group, not criminals. We know when to fight, and when to step aside and let law enforcement professionals do their job. I’m sure that particular citizen pondered that situation, and would have stopped more carnage if it didn’t mean endangering more people, including himself. This isn’t the Wild West.

There are hundreds of gun laws on the books, and dozens more are guaranteed to follow anytime there’s a shooting. What Thomasson and others of his ilk fail to comprehend, is that you will never stop a person intent on wreaking havoc on society by outlawing firearms. They will always find a way to obtain them, legally or otherwise, no matter (hence the word “criminal”).

So you anti-gun proponents keep pushing your utopian agenda and saddling law-abiding citizens with law after law designed to prevent and outlaw legal ownership of firearms. Unfortunately, one day you will probably succeed, and I will become a “criminal” merely by owning firearms.

From my cold dead fingers, dude ...

Marco A. Gamez

Stuttgart, Germany


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