Aviano's Giulia Silvi starts her team's offense by sending the ball from the back row to the front in the Saints' 25-14, 33-31, 25-15 loss to the American Overseas School of Rome.

Aviano's Giulia Silvi starts her team's offense by sending the ball from the back row to the front in the Saints' 25-14, 33-31, 25-15 loss to the American Overseas School of Rome. (Kent Harris/Stars and Stripes)

Aviano's Giulia Silvi starts her team's offense by sending the ball from the back row to the front in the Saints' 25-14, 33-31, 25-15 loss to the American Overseas School of Rome.

Aviano's Giulia Silvi starts her team's offense by sending the ball from the back row to the front in the Saints' 25-14, 33-31, 25-15 loss to the American Overseas School of Rome. (Kent Harris/Stars and Stripes)

Aviano senior setter Matthew O'Brien got in a few kills as well Friday night. But his team fell to the American Overseas School of Rome, 23-25, 25-22, 29-27, 25-21.

Aviano senior setter Matthew O'Brien got in a few kills as well Friday night. But his team fell to the American Overseas School of Rome, 23-25, 25-22, 29-27, 25-21. (Kent Harris/Stars and Stripes)

High school

Cross country(Races covered 5,000 meters)

Saturday at Brunssum, NetherlandsBoysRamstein 21, SHAPE 59, Lakenheath 79, Baumholder 111, Bitburg 141, AFNORTH 1471, George Hyde (Rams) 18:01.6 (Course record. Old record 19:22.0 by Josh Moran, SHAPE, Sept. 15, 2012.); 2, Harrison Adams (Rams) 18:27; 3, Josh Moran (SHP) 18:29; 4, Galen McCarver (Rams) 18:35; 5, Joshua McDowell (Rams) 18:46; 6, Chase Noorda (Lake) 18:53; 7, Kelton Dobbs (Bitb) 19:00; 8, Karl Kristensen (SHP) 19:25; 9, Timothy Ward (Rams) 19:29; 10, Benjamin Norton (Rams) 19:30.GirlsRamstein 32, SHAPE 48, Lakenheath 57, AFNORTH 118. Baumholder and Bitburg were incomplete1, Alexis Vermiere (Rams) 20:54.3. (Course record. Old record 22:33.3 by Layla Kuijper, International School of Brussels, Sept. 15, 2012.); 2, McKayla Boden (Lake) 21:57; 3, Karoline Sorensen (SHP) 22:24; 4, Keneally Phelan (SHP) 22:25; 5, Alena Salgado (SHP) 22:25; 6, Madison Morse (Rams) 22:34; 7, Madison Sophr (Rams) 23:16; 8, Hunter Pace (Rams) 23:40; 9, Kellie Rutherford (Lake) 23:49; 10, Quinci Cox (Rams) 24:08.

Saturday at VicenzaBoysNaples 20, Vicenza 461, Laim Manville (Vicz) 18:51; 2, Jacob Gray (Napl) 18:54; 3, Brett Baldwin (Napl) 19:03; 4, Evan Bradley (Napl) 19:06; 5, Sam Chaston (Napl) 19:16; 6, Marshall Saunders (Napl) 19:37; 7, Matthew Collins (Napl) 20:30; 8, Joshua Pardew (Vicz) 21:19; 9, Quinn Cannon (Napl) 21:20; 10, Frank Spatt (Napl) 21:26.GirlsNaples 19, Vicenza 441, Destiny Mora (Napl) 21:48; 2, Makeda Eley O’Reilly (Vicz) 22:42; 3, Caroline Bracken (Napl) 22:49; 4, Jessica Poluhowich (Napl) 22:56; 5, Isabella Lucy (Napl) 22:58; 6, Alex Guinn (Napl) 22:59; 7, Amber Sheline (Napl) 23:22; 8, Grace Gardner (Napl) 23:39; 9, Katie Claunch (Vicz) 23:52; 10, Amerlia Chaston (Napl) 24:10.

Saturday at Steerebeek, BelgiumBoysBritish School of Brussels 22, International School of Brussels 60, Alconbury 79. Brussels, Menwith Hill and St. John’s were incomplete1, Stefan Snyders (BSB) 17:11 (Course record; new course.); 2, Pierre-Marie Forte (ISB) 17:19; 3, Alfie Salsby (BSB) 17:32; 4, Pepijn Fraai (ISB) 18:06; 5, Henry Rehr (BSB) 18:37; 6, Brian Cook (BSB) 18:44; 7, Ed Belfild (BSB) 18:55; 8. Masaharo Yamagishi (ISB) 19:02; 9. Tom Irby (Alc) 19:05; 10. Josh McAneny (BSB) 19:07.GirlsBrussels 22, British School of Brussels 64. Alconbury, International School of Brussels, Menwith Hill and St. John’s were incomplete1, Ali DeFazio (Brus) 20:23 (Course record;new course); 2, Emma McLaughlin (Brus) 21:48; 3, Ashley Cazier (Alc) 22:30; 4, Maria Vahrenhorst (Brus) 22:42; 5, Jada Griffin (Alc) 24:04; 6, Alexandra Barnett (StJ) 24:19; 7, Olivia Sadler (Brus) 24:54; 8, Kathyrn Kuhar (Brus) 25:02; 9, Victoria Hartley (Alc) 26:02; 10, Moxence Corman (BSB) 26:04.

Saturday at HohenfelsBoysVisleck 15, Ansbach 52, Hohenfels 621, Alex Denikiewicz (Vils) 18:24; 2, Ben Nelson (Vils) 18:39; 3, Michael Nelson (Vils) 18:55; 4, Andrew Zdeb (Vils) 19:22; 5, Damien Bishoff (Vils) 19:42; 6, Phillip Ramirez (Vils) 19:43; 7, Leonard Becker (Vils) 20:06; 8, Michael Meadows (Vils) 20:30; 9, Nicholas Duplessie (Ansb) 20:31; 10, Dequan Bamesberger (Vils) 20:45.GirlsVilseck 15. Ansbsach and Hohenfels were incomplete1, Kirsten Carson (Vils) 21:42; 2, Kelly McCaskill (Ansb) 22:20; 3, Malia Carson (Vils) 23:34; 4, Sydney Parker (Vils) 23:35; 5, Samantha Dollen (Vils) 26:02; 6, Sabrina Becker (Vils) 26:03; 7, Casey Price (Vils) 26:12; 8, Abigail Lohmeier (Vils) 27:47; 9, Meraleigh Randle (Vils) 28:39; 10, Bryana Brooks (Ansb) 28:52.

Saturday at AvianoBoysAmerican Overseas School of Rome 15, Aviano incomplete1, Josh Coudright (AVI) 18:07; 2, Anan McHarris (AOSR) 19:02; 3, Konrad Jurgens (AOSR) 19:34; 4, Franceso Dinmore (AOSR) 19:44; 5, Keith Hollingsworth (Avi) 21:14; 6, Alessandro Wedeman (AOSR) 21:27; 7, Brian Barbieri (AOSR) 21:45; 8, Greg Ozgul (Avi) 21:59; 9, Samuel Chase (AOSR) 22:17; 10, Matteo Colaneri (AOSR) 22:21.GirlsAmerican Overseas School of Rome 24, Aviano 331, Shelby McHugh (Avi) 21:06; 2, Audra Mansagers (AOSR) 21:39; 3, Claudia Howes (Avi) 21:45; 4, Lauren Roberts (AOSR) 23:38; 5, Anna Gillespie (AOSR) 23:46; 6, Francesca Maestas (AOSR) 23:59; 7, Zhenia Obukhoba (AOSR) 24:43; 8, Courtney Wilson (Avi) 25:22; 9, Mary Gillespie (AOSR) 26:07; 10, Lily Lauzon (Avi) 26:27.

Saturday at WiesbadenBoysKaiserslautern 42, Patch 51, Wiesbaden 55, Frankfurt International School 81, Heidelberg 1381, Michael Lawson (Kais) 16:46; 2, Alex Wieman (Wies) 17:07; 3, Michael Close (Kais) 17:15; 4, Alex Dobbs (FIS) 17:19; 5, Bailey Mitchell (Pat) 17:20; 6, Tyler Gamble (Pat) 17:30; 7, Charlie Haywood (FIS) 17:34; 8, Sean Davis (Kais) 17:37; 9, Kelsey Thomas (Wies) 17:53; 10, Jesse Hendrix (Wies) 17:54.GirlsWiesbaden 55, Patch 60, Heidelberg 65, Frankfurt international School 76, Kaiserslautern 871, Baileigh Sessions (Pat) 19:57; 2, Shanice Harmon (Heid) 21:02; 3, Anna Seiferth (Wies) 21:03; 4, Gabriela Elliott (Wies) 21:45; 5, Caroline Orndorff (Wies) 21:47; 6, Sara Gorske (Kais) 22:03; 7, Rachel Braun (Heid) 22:10; 8, Claire Chiarotti (Pat) 22:12; 9, Hannah Grebos (Kais) 22:12; 10, Michele Spielberg (FIS) 22:23.

VolleyballBoysSaturday at VicenzaVicenza def. Naples 25-18, 25-15, 25-19

Friday at VicenzaVicenza def. Naples 25-9, 25-18, 25-19

Friday at AvianoAmerican Overseas School of Rome def. Aviano 23-25, 25-22, 29-27, 25-20Noteworthy — Aviano assistant Mark Fix reported 52 digs for his libero, Jeremy Owens, and 29 digs for Owens’ teammate, Phoenic Salter-Mack. He credited Aviano hitter Zach Erskine with 20 kills.

Saturday at AvianoAmerican Overseas School of Rome def. Aviano 18-25, 21-25, 25-22, 25-20, 15-10.Noteworthy — Fix reported 31 attacks which resulted in 14 kills for Erskine.

Saturday at RomeMarymount International School of Rome def. International School of Florence 25-13, 25-16, 25-13Noteworthy — Marymount AD Simone Trott credited Royals Ziad Nour with “three terrific spikes,” and Giorgio Musilli with two aces.

Marymount International School of Rome def. International School of Florence 25-21, 25-13, 25-14Noteworthy — Trott reported four spikes and an ace for Nour and a spike and an ace for David de Carle.

GirlsSaturday at BambergAnsbach def. Bamberg 25-11, 25-16, 25-20Noteworthy — Bamberg coach Joan Bade reported four blocks for Barons’ Caoimhe Harvey.Wiesbaden def. Bamberg 25-15, 25-17, 25-22Notewothy — Bade reported four aces, a kill and a block for Wiesbaden’s Meghan Smith and two aces and two kills for Smith’s teammate Anette Hutsky. For Bamberg, Bade reported three aces for Jessica Dominick and two aces for Chelsey Emery.Ansbach def. Wiesbaden 25-14, 25-20, 25-13Noteworthy -- Bade credited Ansbach’s Caprice Lockett with 10 kills and six aces and Wiesbaden’s Kirsten Velsvaag with four kills, two digs and an ace. She added that Megan Johnson served two aces and posted a dig for Wiesbaden.

Saturday at HohenfelsHohenfels def. Black Forest Academy 25-16, 23-25, 27-25, 22-25, 15-3Patch def. Hohenfels 25-21, 25-22, 23-25, 25-16Patch def. Black Forest Academy 25-20, 25-22, 25-23Noteworthy — According to Hohenfels coach and AD Kathy Clemmons, Patch’s Mercedes Deets totaled 21 kills and 17 aces in the Panthers’ two victories. Rachel Hess posted 29 kills and 12 aces in the twin-killing, and their teammate Stephanie Trujillo served six aces against BFA. Clemmons reported a 100-percent serving day for her ace, Kiana Glenn.Hohenfels JV def. BFA JV 17-25, 27-25, 15-11.Hohenfels JV def. Patch JV 25-9, 18-25, 15-11.Patch JV def. BFA JV 27-25, 17-25, 15-9.

Saturday at Steerebeek, BelgiumAlconbury def. Brussels 25-16, 27-25, 27-25Noteworthy- Brussels coach Vicky Wesland reported 12 assists and three kills by Alconbury’s Ashley Goluba. Goluba’s teammate Taylor Currie posted nine kills and a block, and Alconbury’s Leila Hall handed out six assists. For Brussels, Wesland cited four solo blocks and four kills by Anya Shelton, four kills and three digs by Sarah Snyder, four digs by Alice Bigelow and five assists and three kills by Teodora Vasileva.Alconbury def. SHAPE 25-19, 25-21, 25-23Noteworthy — Westland reported 10 assists and eight aces from winners’ Goluba, six kills and three blocks by Currie, and four aces and four kills by Hailey Sorenson.Brussels def. SHAPE 21-25, 25-18, 25-14, 25-16Noteworthy — For Brussels, Sarah Mobley posted five assists and two digs, Shelton five kills and a dig, Snyder five kills and two digs and Vasileva six assists.SHAPE JV def. Alconbury JV 25-17, 25-22.

Saturday at LakenheathLakenheath def. Baumholder 25-7, 25-4, 25-11Noteworthy — According to coach Mike Mickenberg, Lakenheath prevailed by 13 kills, three aces and a block by Eliza Evans; five digs, four kills and and ace by Jourdan Hodge, and 17 assists from team captain Kaelan Rasmussen.Lakenheath def.Menwith Hill 25-18, 25-21, 25-16Noteworthy — Hodge made 11 kills, Evans eight kills, three aces and two blocks, and Rasmussen 12 assists and three kills. Kaia Pierce, who served six aces, and Arielle Rogers each put away two kills for Menwith Hill.Menwith Hill def. Baumholder 20-25, 25-7, 25-14, 25-20Noteworthy — Pierce, an All-European, had five kills and four aces and her teammate Mikala McClain served six aces and made two kills.

Saturday at BitburgBitburg def. AFNORTH 21-25, 18-25, 25-21, 25-7, 15-11.Noteworthy — Bitburg coach Whitney Katzenbach reported her team claimed the come-from-behind victory behind Brandy Oliver’s 14 assists, 12 digs, three kills and two aces; Michele Morrison’s nine kills, nine digs, five aces and a block; and Lydia Horn’s 10 digs, eight assists and two aces.Kaiserslautern def. Bitburg 25-20, 25-19, 25-18.Noteworthy — Katzenbach credited Morrison with nine digs, three aces, two kills and a block; Jordan Martel with six digs and three aces; Horn with 15 digs, two kills, two aces and an assit, and Oliver with 11 digs, three assists, a kill, an ace and a block.Friday at AvianoAmerican Overseas School of Rome def. Aviano 25-14, 33-31, 25-15.Noteworthy — According to Aviano assistant coach Pam Hillestad, her team received 10 assists from Brenna Fischer, nine kills and seven digs from Devin Franco, eight kills from Giulia Silvi and nine assists from Sabrina Huerta.Saturday at AvianoAviano def. American Overseas School of Rome 13-25, 26-24, 25-22, 25-23.Noteworthy — Hillestad cited 22 digs and 13 kills by Franco and 16 digs, five kills and two blocks by Jasmine Cole as the keys to victory.

TennisSaturday at AvianoBoysAmerican Overseas School of Rome 3, Aviano 0Carl Park def. Grant Wong 6-3, 6-0; Shin-Wei Chen def. Cody Price 8-4; Ryan Roberts and Felix Kristensson def. Wong-Price 6-0, 6-1GirlsAmerican Overseas School of Rome 6, Aviano 0Ashley Metzler def. Taryn Williams 8-1; Alina Sharkey def. Jade Westlake 8-5; Isabella Micheli def. Allison Walker 8-1; Metzler-Sharkey def. Westlake-Rachel Ives 8-6; Metzler-Micheli def. Walker-Sydney McCool 8-4; Sharkey-Micheli def. Caitlyn Ratliff and Jasette Martinez 8-3

Friday at Brunssum, Netherlands(Complete results and team scores unavailable)BoysRonnie Behr (Alconbury) def. Luke Bonenclark 7-5, 6-2; Jeff Black (Alc) def. Evan Bell 8-4; Joey Behr (Alc) def. Matt Kinnear 8-1; Black and J. Behr def. Bonenclark and Brooks Wolfe 8-6.GirlsAlly Bellas (AFNORTH) def. Caitlin Cash 6-0, 6-0; Hope Bonenclark (AFN) def. Caitlyn Renne 8-0; Sophia Essrich (AFN) def. Victoria Fisher 8-0; Bonenclark and Sarah Seitz (AFN) def. Renne and Fisher 6-0 (second set not played); Grace Katzenson and Essrich (AFN) def. Cash and Emily Caverly 8-1.

Saturday at HohenfelsBoysHohenfels 8, Schweinfurt 1Nathan Witty (Hoh) def. Zachery Dehart 6-2, 6-2; Brandon Lucios (Hoh) def. Robbie Nelson 8-1; Alex Sink (Hoh) def. Jonathan Romine 8-5; Cody Coon (Hoh) def. Taeyoun McKinzy 8-3; Sean Andrade (Schw) def. Logan Webb 8-6; Tony Williams (Hoh) def. Anthony Richards 8-0; Lucios and (first name unavailable) Heath def. Dehart and Romine 6-0, 6-3; Ian Rodman and (first name unavailable) Perryman def. Nelson and McKinzy 8-5; Jonathan Buttler and (first name unavailable) Lange (Hoh) def. Richards and Sean Mills 8-6.GirlsHohenfels 8, Schweinfurt 1Caroline Bourgeois (Hoh) def. Krystal Lopez 6-0, 6-1; Lisa Bourgeois (Hoh) def. Garriela Mendez-Beltran 8-1; Brittany Jacques (Hoh) def. Alannah Rivera-Cancel 8-0; Stefanie Simpson (Schw) def. Chloe Holland 8-4; L. Bourgeois and Jacques def. Lopez and Mendez-Beltran 6-2, 6-2; Holland and C. Bourgeois def. Simpson and Rivera-Cancel 8-1.

Saturday at WiesbadenBoysWiesbaden 7, Kaiserslautern 1Chris Jastrab (Kais) def. Charlie Hill 6-3, 6-4 ; John Arnold (Wies) def. Chris Martin 8-4; Devan Tisdale (Wies) def. Eli Crouch 8-6; Cooper Abernathy (Wies) def. Josh Merchat 8-2; Eduardo Bedoya (Wies) def. Johnny Wolfe 8-2; Joe Renzi (Wies) def. Scotty Gibbins 8-2; Arnold and Tisdale def. Martin and Crouch 7-5, 6-3; Jastrab and Merchat def. Hill and Abernathy 9-8 (9-7); Bedoya and Renzi def. Wolfe and Gibbins 8-3.GirlsWiesbaden 8, Kaiserslautern 1Jade Sullivan (Wie) def. Brianna Goulet 6-1, 6-0; Peyton Taylor (Wies) def. Jana Cain 8-4; Heather Boehme (Wies) def. Anna Langholz 9-7; Kate Conners (Wies) def. Anna Roberts 8-4; Alexandra Proto (Kais) def. Katie Mosley 8-4; Maria Buzbee (Wies) def. Abby Charpentier 8-0; Taylor and Conners def. Cain and Langholz 6-4, 6-7 (4-7), 6-2; Mosley and Boehme def. Roberts and Proto 9-7; Sullivan and Buzbee def. Goulet and Charpentier 8-2.

Saturday at StuttgartBoysPatch 9, Vilseck 0Ajdin Tahirovic def. Sage Thornbrugh 6-0, 6-0; Alex Srodowski def. Chandler Davidson 8-0; Dylan Rehwaldt def. William Rosalino 8-0; Devin Rehwaldt def. Mitchell Budihas 8-0; Alex Basgall def. Julian Battley 8-0; Srodowski and Dy. Rehwaldt def. Davidson and Rosalino 6-0, 6-0; Joe Cook and Eugene Blue Bowen def. Thornbrugh and Budihas 8-2.Patch 9, Black Forest Academy 0Tahirovic def. Keith Min 6-0, 6-0; Srodowski def. Tom Perumpankuzhy 8-0; Dy. Rehwaldt def. Keith Gallagher 8-0; Payton Fritz def. Bum Jum Kim 8-1; Srodowski and Dy. Rehwaldt def. Min and Perumpankuzhy 6-0, 6-1; Basgall and De. Rehwaldt def. Gallagher and Kim 8-1.Vilseck 8, Black Forest Academy 1Thornbrugh def. Min 6-3, 6-0; Perumpankuzhy def. Davidson 8-3; Rosalino def. Gallagher 9-7; Budihas def. Kim 8-4; Davidson and Rosalino def. Min and Perumpankuzhy 6-2, 6-2; Thornbrugh and Budihas def. Gallagher and Kim 8-4.GirlsPatch 8, Vilseck 1Eugenia Srodowski (Pat) def. Christy Chanin 6-0, 6-1; Marina Fortun (Pat) def. Anna Carmichael 8-0; Christine Young (Pat) def. Carolyn Pippin 8-0; Mallory Flynn (Pat) def. Deepika Singh 8-1; Caity Roos (Pat) def. Joy-Ann Julius 8-2; Jessica Cabalquinto (Pat) def. Madeline Olden 8-3; Fortun and Young def. Pippin and Carmichael 6-2, 6-1; Chanin and Singh def. Sarah Nickle and Sophia Pauken 8-4; Cabalquinto and Roos derf. Julius and Olden 8-4.Patch 9, Black Forest Academy 0Srodowski def. Lois Schotanus 6-0, 6-0; Fortun def. Andrea Lee 8-0; Young def. Joyce Hasler 8-0; Flynn def. Anna Lee 8-6; Roos def. Olivia Speck 8-3; Cabalquinto def. Joy Park 8-0; Fortun and Young def. Anna Lee and Schotanus 6-1, 6-0; Morgan Keyser and Flynn def. Speck and Erin Ludington 8-2; Cabalquinto and Roos def. Chelsea Chung and Michelle Lee 8-0.Vilseck 8, Black Forest Academy 1Chanin def. Schotanus 6-3, 6-4; Carmichael def. And. Lee 8-1; Pippin def. Hasler 8-4; Singh def. Anna Lee 8-2; Julius def, Speck 8-2; Park def. Olden 8-4; Pippin and Carmichael def. Schotanus and Anna Lee 6-3, 6-0; Chanin and Singh def. Speck and Ludington 8-1; Julius and Olden def. M. Lee and Chung 8-4.Saturday at Mons, BelgiumBoysSHAPE 7, Alconbury 2Aaron Yip (SHP) def. Ronnie Behr 6-1, 6-1; Fragkiskos Frantzis (SHP) def. Jeff Black 8-5; Brendan McMahon (SHP) def. Joey Behr 6-3; Dylan Howorth (Alc) def. Travis Phelan 7-6 (tiebreaker score unavailable); Jeroen de Boer (SHP) def. Solomon Grussing 6-2; Antonio Tovar (SHP) def. Nick McLouth 6-3; Yip and Frantzis def. Black and J. Behr 7-5, 6-1; R. Behr and Howorth def. Tovar and McMahon 6-0; Chris Kulmayer and de Boer def. Grussing and McLouth 6-1.GirlsSHAPE 9, Alconbury 0Carmen Zarco def., Caitlin Cash 6-0, 6-0; Eliska Reimannova def. Caitlyn Renne 8-3; Nevena Manojlovic def. Victoria Fisher 8-0; Brooke Lyonnais def. Emily Caverly 6-1; Akeksandra Kolodkina def. Bradley Gibbons-Reed 6-0; Sarah Dellorso def. Mia Carrasco 6-1; Reimannova and Manojlovic def. Renne and Fisher 6-1, 6-0; Zarco and Kolodkina def. Cash and Caverly 6-1; Lyonnais and Dellorso def. Samantha Zitka and Harveysha Booker 6-0.Saturday at HeidelbergBoysHeidelberg 9, Ansbach 0Cameron Meeker def. Michael Hanrahan 6-0, 6-0; Jack Kolodziejski def. Doug Erickson 8-1; Wylder Raney def. Conner Erickson 8-1; Myles Lacy def. Damany Priest 8-0; Benjamin Little def. Alec Schreurs 8-0; Nate Discavage def. Dominic Dillingham 8-1; Raney and Kolodziejski def. Erickson and Erickson 6-1, 6-0; Meeker and Lacy def. Dillingham and Marveen Gentillon 8-0; Discavage and Little def. Brian Sowders and Christian Pascual 8-0.GirlsHeidelberg 9, Ansbach 0Agnes Drewitt def. Irish Manalang 6-0, 6-0; Meghan Bowen def. Reiwan Hussein 8-0; Alison Adkins and Kajsa Fuhriman def. Manalang and Hussein 6-0, 6-3.

Saturday at VicenzaBoysTeam scores unavailableMackenzie Roche (Vicenza) def. George Shaffer (Naples) 3-6, 6-2, 6-4;Maroch Malachy (Napl) def. Andrew McKenzie 8-3; Shaffer and Chris Bracken def. McKenzie and Roche 6-1, 6-2.GirlsTeam scoring unavailableKate Panian (Vicenza) def. Alyssa Bracken (Naples) 6-2, 6-2; Sammy Cordova (Vicz) def. Benedetta Laird 8-4; Jenna Pimentel and Samantha Pimentel (Vicz) def. Bracken and Laird 6-1, 7-5.

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