Related StoriesLegal drugs in Japan not always safeIndividual bases determine rules for ‘legal’ drugsHere are U.S. bases on mainland Japan and Okinawa that have specific orders banning the use and possession of "legal" drugs.

Yokota Air Base: Salvia (also called "Sally D"), Zohai and Spice, including Gold Spice.

Kadena Air Base: Salvia

Navy installations at Yokosuka, Atsugi, Sasebo, Misawa and Okinawa: Salvia, jimson weed and any other intoxicating herbal substance without authorization. Okinawa also has an instruction regarding prevention and control of Spice.

Okinawa Marine Corps installations, Camp Fuji and Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni: Salvia; mitragyna speciosa korth, a leaf from a Southeast Asia tree; blue lotus, an aquatic flower; convolvulaceae argyreia nervosa, or Hawaiian baby woodrose; lysergic acid amide, or Mexican morning glory seeds; amanitas mushrooms; jimson weed; absinthe, a liquor containing wormwood; and 5-MEO-DMT, a psychedelic found in a variety of plants.

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