I’ve been waiting for this game for almost three years: the first to let you truly wield your Wii remote like a sword.

And the wild hack ’n’ slash competition in "Wii Sports Resort" doesn’t disappoint. Thanks to the new Wii MotionPlus attachment, the remote follows every thrust, slash and parry. You can slice up various objects, duel with a friend or digital opponent or take on a swarm of oncoming bad guys.

Swordfighting is only part of the fun in "Resort," the E-rated sequel to "Wii Sports," which introduced millions to the fun little Wii console — and to video gaming.

The game is set on an imaginary island resort and offers 12 types of activities, ranging from paddling a kayak to flying a plane to tossing a Frisbee flying disc. Within each category, players can tackle several different kinds of challenges. For example, if you get tired of flying through rings on the map, you can dogfight with a friend in the "air sports" section.

The game comes bundled with a MotionPlus attachment that fits on the bottom of the Wii’s remote. The gadget can also be purchased separately for $25. You’ll need more than one if you plan to play with friends.

In addition to making some of the new games possible, the attachment makes some old favorites better. For example, "Resort" offers bowling and golf, which were available in "Wii Sports." However, veteran players will notice they can put more spin on the bowling ball and that the golf "club" is much more sensitive to every twist and turn of the controller. Of course that can also make the game a bit more demanding. Finally, table tennis accelerates the pace of the tennis game in "Wii Sports."

Overall, the controls work very well. However, there can be a bit of a learning curve on several games. It took me a few tries to get used to Frisbee and archery and a pair of inexperienced friends had some difficulty controlling the airplanes in the dogfight.

I also thought that some of the activities were a bit dull — at least when played alone. For example, canoeing and wakeboarding seemed way too familiar and offered little challenge. However, one friend found canoeing very pleasant, and a group of hyper-competitive friends went wild with wakeboarding.

The graphics don’t really break any new ground. While they are very lively and colorful, they’ll be very familiar to anyone who’s played Wii games.

Once again, Nintendo delivers a fun and very accessible game that’s likely to draw new fans to the fold.

Platform: Wii

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