In Washington state, lavender fields forever

The Sequim-Dungeness Valley, about 65 miles northwest of Seattle, has the highest concentration of lavender plants in North America, according to the Sequim Lavender Growers Association.

The little-known Boston Harbor Islands have a lot to offer

The Boston Harbor Islands consist of 34 islands and peninsulas, seven of them usually accessible by two three-deck passenger public ferries that make several rounds a day.

Savannah, Georgia, keeps the past alive while embracing change

Savannah’s European settlement dates to February 1733, when an English prison reformer led some 114 colonists to a bluff overlooking the Savannah River.

A walking tour of Manhattan's Audubon Mural Project

This project, a joint initiative of the National Audubon Society and the Gitler & _____ gallery, pronounced "Gitler and," funds artists to create murals of North American birds facing catastrophic habitat loss hastened by climate change.

How a hotel satisfaction promise has led to more discontent

Some hospitality experts say that promise — a 100% refund if customers weren’t 100% happy — might’ve made things worse for both the customer and the hotel.

Pelicans' paradise on Smith Island, Maryland

Brown pelicans have become a common sight on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay in recent years after devastating storms caused the birds to relocate 130 miles upshore from their Outer Banks breeding grounds.

A hater's guide to Las Vegas

If you think you hate Las Vegas, you might be blinded by the lights on the Strip.

Forget the pandemic for a day and walk Civil War battlefields in Central Virginia

Visitors still come to Civil War battlefields to ask why our great-great-grandfathers killed one another there, and whether we can resolve the stubborn differences they left behind. But the battlefields are more than memorials. They are also green, open spaces – natural reserves surrounded by rapidly expanding suburbs.

A primer for hiking newbies

Given the number of people in the outdoors, a summer hike might seem daunting for beginners. But getting started with hiking is relatively easy.

How I got my kids to love - or at least not hate - outdoor travel

Numerous studies support our experience, finding that time in nature reduces stress and negative thoughts and correlates with higher self-reported happiness among adults and children. Here are some tips to turn kids into outdoor enthusiasts.

Expect to pay more to cut in line at theme parks this season

In October, Disney ditched its free FastPass+ system and put in Genie+, which charges $15 per person per day to make reservations on select rides. Each park, however, has at least two attractions for which guests need to purchase a separate Lightning Lane ticket to skip the lines. That can cost an extra $7 to $15.

‘Alice’ exhibit turns botanic garden into a ‘Wonderland’

In the exhibit on display until Oct. 31, iconic characters from the Lewis Carroll classic, “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” have been brought to literal if botanical life in the form of “mosaiculture” sculptures

At 80, Bob Dylan finally gets a museum

Organizers hope the 29,000-square-foot, $10 million center will become a cultural touchstone in Tulsa, offering both fans and hardcore Dylanologists a greater understanding of the famously enigmatic and guarded musician.

A guide to volunteering in the outdoors

The volunteer opportunities available through the National Park Service are as different as the parks themselves, including both run-of-the-mill duties (picking up trash) and intriguing endeavors (babysitting turtle nests on a beach).

Foraging tours let travelers savor a destination's flavor

If you want to get a real taste of the place you're visiting, don't make a reservation at the hippest-looking locavore restaurant you find on Instagram. Book a tour with a local forager instead.

In Nevada, 'most authentic' railway site has steam, smoke - and a cat

In May 1987, the Nevada Northern Railway Museum opened for business, with locomotive No. 40 - a 4-6-0 steam locomotive built in 1910 for passenger trains - leading the way.

Retracing the Green Book in my city

First printed in 1936, the Green Book was a travel guide for Black Americans that listed gas stations, restaurants, bars and private homes owned by or hospitable to Black patrons.

Fleeting beauty: Cherry Blossom Festival's joyous return

Millions will gather for the annual Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington D.C., which returned after a two-year pause because of COVID-19 and runs until April 9.