Revived vintage motels evoke nostalgia for simpler times
Motels, also referred to as motor lodges, evoke an era of optimism when gas was cheap and families piled into cars and hit the open road. Indeed, nostalgia and wanderlust seem to be - ahem - driving the trend to develop these properties.
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Military housing company to spend $72 million upgrading communities at five Air Force bases
Work should begin this year at Air Force properties overseen by Lendlease in Hawaii, California, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico.
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Inspired by nomads' shelter, yurts take the edge off camping
Yurts, round, portable shelters first used by Mongolians centuries ago, are rising in popularity in the United States as the desire for unique accommodations increases.
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A fully-vaccinated cruise set sail in the Caribbean. Two passengers just tested positive for coronavirus.
Despite a requirement that all passengers over 16 be vaccinated, the celebratory milestone couldn’t avoid the virus that shut the cruise industry down 15 months ago.