Beyond fitness standards: A Navy retiree’s nutrition wheel
There’s nothing to regulate service members’ nutrition after retirement. Here’s what it might look like if a former service member made his own nutrition wheel.
The sick fantasies of a stay-at-home mom
What if, just what if, I sustained some kind of non-life-threatening injury or illness that would require me to be in the hospital, or at least in bed, for a couple of weeks?
Survey shows intensified financial insecurity for military families
Even though the Blue Star Families Military Family Lifestyle surveys always cover financial challenges such as military pay concerns, lack of affordable childcare and chronic military spouse under- and unemployment, the most recent report revealed some surprising new money-related statistics.
War is a different conversation for military families
Children in military families grow up in a unique context that makes their experiences different from other peers. We need to take extra time to listen to and reassure them.
A Lenten ode to coffee
Coffee is my lifestyle, my culture, my manifesto, my identity. Tea is a poor substitute.
Too much is more than enough during winter getaway
Even an island paradise gets old after awhile.
Working on finding time to work out
There always seems to be just one more thing to do before it’s time to work out. And yes, putting on spandex counts as progress.
Snow season never fails to warm the heart
Something was imprinted in my psyche many years ago that makes me associate winter with snow, and snow with pleasure.
Celebrating the complexity of love
How do I love thee? It’s complicated. It’s contradictory. It’s ironic. It’s beautiful.
A kernel of doubt about spouse’s abilities in kitchen
I had become so capable, handy and independent through many moves and deployments, my military husband had become accustomed to relying heavily on me at home. Maybe too heavily? Should I have shown more vulnerability?
White Paper addresses milspouse jobless woes
There is one milspouse matter that affected me in such a profound way, my life has been forever changed — The military spouse unemployment problem.
Skiing while married can be a slippery slope
A recreational sport intended to provide positive family memories and adrenaline-fueled euphoria, skiing actually sends us to the brink of divorce.
Training our inner cave dweller to accentuate the positive
Modern-day folks tend to focus on and remember the negative news items. But living that way can make for a pretty limiting existence.
Hoping that privatized housing complaints finally hit home
Military families shouldn’t have to put up with subpar housing conditions. Let’s hope recent crackdowns make a difference.
Resolving to put on ‘Big Girl Pants’ in 2022
Sometimes we just need to slow down and take care of ourselves, for everybody’s sake.
Someone else’s turn for decadent hall-decking
Nothing is going to spoil my good mood, because we are finally — FINALLY — invited to a Christmas party.
Finding meaning in the space between
Why do we feel stagnant sometimes when, by all measures, we have happy, fulfilling lives?
Finding goodness and light amid a hectic season
Sometimes it’s the simple things that keep us grounded during the holidays.