Skiing while married can be a slippery slope
A recreational sport intended to provide positive family memories and adrenaline-fueled euphoria, skiing actually sends us to the brink of divorce.
Training our inner cave dweller to accentuate the positive
Modern-day folks tend to focus on and remember the negative news items. But living that way can make for a pretty limiting existence.
Hoping that privatized housing complaints finally hit home
Military families shouldn’t have to put up with subpar housing conditions. Let’s hope recent crackdowns make a difference.
Resolving to put on ‘Big Girl Pants’ in 2022
Sometimes we just need to slow down and take care of ourselves, for everybody’s sake.
Someone else’s turn for decadent hall-decking
Nothing is going to spoil my good mood, because we are finally — FINALLY — invited to a Christmas party.
Finding meaning in the space between
Why do we feel stagnant sometimes when, by all measures, we have happy, fulfilling lives?
Finding goodness and light amid a hectic season
Sometimes it’s the simple things that keep us grounded during the holidays.
Surviving holiday visits from elderly relatives
Living overseas, even during the holidays, has its perks. But sooner or later, you probably have to come back home.
Military life: When high expectations are actually warranted
An idealist looks back at the realities of the military spouse experience.
4 holiday shopping fixes for supply chain crisis
By all accounts, it’s going to be an expensive, frustrating holiday season due to the supply chain crisis. Here are four fixes to avoid the supply chain altogether and still come up with memorable, meaningful gifts.
Still serving after the service
For some, transitioning out of the military can be challenging. As a result, we sought connections with people and organizations with familiar military values and experiences —such as loyalty, community and most of all, service.
Finding my people and summoning a sense of security
Sometimes, sharing some laughs with your community is worth a full-body patdown. Maybe.
A play by play of game day
Watching football on the family couch might seem like a passive activity. But in reality, there’s a lot of strategy and competition involved.
Stop the gap between civilian perceptions and military realities
Service members should not have to be strung along on the promise of stopgap measures. It’s time to show more support for our military forces.
The pumpkin renaissance: not just decor anymore
Pumpkin products are ubiquitous this time of year. But it was not always this way.
Calling out the tech giants that endanger our children
I used to think that we could prevent our children from being negatively affected by new digital technologies by laying down clear rules and communicating frequently. I felt comforted that ratings systems, consumer protections and regulations would be put in place to keep our children safe. What I didn’t know was that there were emerging technologies that would negatively influence our children more than video games ever could.
Don't be fooled by fall's evil trickery
The onset of fall contains hazards that pumpkin spice and corn maze-loving folks might overlook.
Can Noom end yo-yo diet ride for good?
I've tried every diet plan there is. Except, perhaps, for eating in moderation and examining why I eat the way I do in the first place.