3 things I’ve learned since living through the pandemic

In the past three years, we’ve experienced widespread human loss, skyrocketing mental health issues, the miraculous development of vaccines and the permanence of COVID in our lives. Through these traumas and trials, I’ve identify three ways that the pandemic experience has changed me, for better and for worse.

I’m not Irish, but kiss me anyway

St. Patrick’s Day is one of those ambiguous special occasions that can be quite confusing for non-Irish adults like me. We non-Irish must simply stand back and repeatedly listen to that insensitive saying about the only two kinds of people in the world – “the Irish, and those who wish they were.”

Suffering through a state of social media mediocrity

Social media may be second nature to younger generations, but certain middle-aged and older folk find it to be more burden than boon.

Airbnb: An unwitting player in military housing crisis

In many locations across the US, the increase in short-term rental properties has resulted in fewer military families renting locally, fewer military children in local schools and less money being given by states to public school systems.

8 ways military life makes you a better person

In their bleaker moments, military spouses might wonder, “Why do I live this difficult life with all of its moves and deployments? Why do I put up with the inconveniences and hardships?” Read on to find ways that military life actually makes one a better person.

It’s all relative: Am I becoming my mother?

Different life experiences sometimes mean we can get the better of shared traits.

The ups and downs of yo-yo dieting

Indulging now and then is human, and therefore forgivable. But not using that as an excuse to binge like crazy is a little more challenging.

Gullible’s travels: Trying not to get reeled in

Our shameless penchant for freebies sometimes leads us into traps we probably should be wise enough to avoid.

Military kids also coping with uncertainty

A fear of the uncertain future is not unusual. But are military kids better, or worse, equipped to handle the concept of the unknown?

One man’s fast is another man’s feast

Forced fast means frenzied food intake for blood draw’s sake.

Sense of home can be elusive for military retirees

It takes time to establish a place in the community, but it’s never too late to find a new hometown.

After the merriment, a powerful urge to purge

After weeks of excess and sloth, I’m hell bent on eating enough fiber, taking 10,000 steps a day, keeping accurate financial records, compulsively vacuuming and fundamentally changing my entire personality.

This Christmas, nasal crud was an uninvited guest

Being sick is never fun. Being sick at Christmas is a special kind of nightmare.

Festivities foiled by forced family fun

Christmas traditions die hard sometimes.

Holiday photo cards: Tradition or dysfunction?

Time for holiday cards? Select a family photo and let the soul-crushing process begin.

Generosity sometimes means giving ‘til it hurts

The requests this time of year can seem endless, but charitable organizations raise the bulk of their income between Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve.

Another day of leftovers becomes a tipping point

This is the story of how the prospect of a fifth day of turkey leftovers became the least of a busy military spouse’s concerns.

Dependence runs both ways in a military marriage

The law says that spouses and children of uniformed service personnel automatically qualify as military dependents. But it’s just as true that the military member has a dependency, too.