Close encounters at the commissary

It seems like old acquaintances are sure to pop up in public places when we look and feel our worst.

5 Tips for Better College Visits

We frazzled parents of prospective college students learned a lot on our visits, and feel it is our duty to pass these tips on to college admissions officials across the nation.

Dissecting your teen when side-hugs begin

Rumor has it, out in the real world, away from their own homes and parents, teenage boys actually speak.

Seeking truth about military teen resilience

Even the experts are unclear on what can best be done to help military children thrive. An upcoming long-term study aims to find out.

The pitfalls of sampling regional cuisines

We believe that trying local foods is a necessary part of the experience of living abroad and learning about foreign cultures.

Finding community near the deep fryer

Newcomers need to find ways to put themselves out there if they ever hope to belong.

The secret is out: Bowling league source of career inspiration

In honor of National Bowling Day (Aug. 13), I’m telling the real story about how I became a military spouse columnist. Prepare for the dull, mundane, unremarkable truth.

What can military families do if Great Inflation history repeats itself?

Inflation created a no-win situation from the mid-1960s to 1980. How will today’s similar situation affect us?

Budgeting, thriftiness suddenly so trendy

Nowadays, thriftiness and sustainability are the latest fads, virtues I’ve been practicing for years. I might not be on point, but I am definitely on budget.

Husband’s vacation double standard revealed

Some tasks can be safely delegated to one’s spouse. Other things can’t. Sometimes you find out the hard way which things are which.

Blinded by love for children and dogs

I’m a firm believer that children thrive when they are in an environment that is well-defined by rules. However, sometimes parents just want to say “Yes.”

Shooting the move: PCS season is a gamble

No matter how much you plan and prepare, something always gets lost, stolen or broken when you pack up all your possessions and move.

‘Wanna play?’ What military life taught me about fear, friendships and foursomes

Military life has taught me that new friendships are not an entitlement. In the school of milspouse hard knocks, you have to work at it.

Summer pleasures are a matter of perspective

The emotions, associations and experiences conjured by the onset of summer are different for children and their parents.

Death to teen social life by a thousand cuts

With more than three acres of grass to cut, my father had two workers at the ready: My older brother and me. In the summertime, while our friends were gallivanting off to the community pool in flip-flops and terry cloth, my brother and I were doing forced labor.

What I discovered at a Manhattan flea market

Some of the best treasures found at flea markets are the people.

Remember the hot dogs, but never forget the heroes

Although we never seem to forget the hot dogs, pickle relish and cold beer for our Memorial Day cookouts, we tend to forget the underlying reason we get the day off to begin with. 

Ask proudly, veterans: You earned those discounts

Regardless of age, military retirees love military discounts. No matter where we go — hardware stores, movie theaters, diners, golf courses, bookstores, my husband asks THAT question: “Do you have a military discount?”