20 years later, the wound still aches
For those with a connection to people who died in the terror attacks, the wound of 9/11 remains raw, and the yearly anniversary continues to be a day of deep sadness and reflection. But for many, the trauma, the historic toll and the graphic images have become hazy, clouded by two decades of war, politics, protests and the endless ebb and flow of everyday life.
Leave no witnesses: The Secret Life of Mom
When the kids return to school, moms can resume their secret lives.
Return to school gives rise to fashion fears
During my gawky adolescent years, I was obsessed with finding my identity — as defined, of course, by fashion. I thought having trendy clothes would go a long way in attracting a halfway decent friend group ... and maybe someday, a boyfriend.
Carb unloading after years of happiness
Breaking up with carbohydrates is hard to do.
Grab dog days by the tail before it’s too late
With just a few more weeks of reliably warm weather, it’s time to have a last blast of fun before it’s too late.
Marathon Olympics viewing session yields golden observations
New Olympic sports add an additional dimension of appreciation for viewers. As well as a bunch of new vocabulary words.
What I didn't know about our teenagers
As I reflect on my kids’ childhoods, I see that they struggled during their teen years. I wish I had known more before their mental health issues surfaced.
Who are ‘The Real Housewives of the Military’?
There have been moments during my 23 years as an active-duty Navy wife when I detected hints of the catty drama that is the cornerstone of every “Real Housewives” franchise.
Vacationing with Geek Squad teaches unexpected lesson
Our son invited friends to our beach cottage for the first time recently. We figured that he was excited to finally have the kind of experiences that he’d seen his sisters have.
Family favors seashore despite shark uproar
Living near the ocean, as wonderful as it can be, has its drawbacks. Such as hurricanes, rip currents ... and sharks.