Who are ‘The Real Housewives of the Military’?
There have been moments during my 23 years as an active-duty Navy wife when I detected hints of the catty drama that is the cornerstone of every “Real Housewives” franchise.
Vacationing with Geek Squad teaches unexpected lesson
Our son invited friends to our beach cottage for the first time recently. We figured that he was excited to finally have the kind of experiences that he’d seen his sisters have.
Family favors seashore despite shark uproar
Living near the ocean, as wonderful as it can be, has its drawbacks. Such as hurricanes, rip currents ... and sharks.
A columnist's secret: It's OK to laugh
People say, “laughter is the best medicine,” yet at the same time, we are expected to act “appropriately” in the face of suffering and hardship.
What will be, will be the next great worry
Unlike most level-headed military spouses, I’m one of those people who has never dealt well with unknowns during the 28 years when my Navy husband was active duty.
Mayo the key to a healthier husband
Mayonnaise: The miracle condiment that makes anything palatable.
New remote work opportunities offer hope for milspouse pay gap
The rate of military spouse unemployment has remained stuck at 25 percent for decades, federal and state programs notwithstanding. Could teleworking help even the score?
Choosing my battles with the Mutilation Generation
Today, behavior that was once reserved for the fringes of society has become mainstream. It’s no longer a question of whether our kids will get tattoos or body piercings, but when.
Post-commencement cuckoo’s nest still full
During the early days of 2020, my husband and I received an odd email from our middle child, Anna, who was, at the time, in her last semester of college. Just like her mother, Anna had earned the title “Class Clown” in high school, so we knew from the first line that her email had been written tongue-in-cheek