‘Haunted’ Tokyo skyscraper offers world’s largest capsule toy stop, shopping and more
The looming, gray, 60-story skyscraper stands in juxtaposition to its name, Sunshine City. But while the building may look like a villain’s lair from a comic book, it is a shopping and entertainment center that can keep visitors occupied all day.
Visit the mythical birthplace of the father of Japan’s first emperor in Miyazaki prefecture
Legend has it that Emperor Jimmu, a descendant of the sun goddess Amaterasu and the storm god Susanoo, founded Japan in 660 B.C. His accession is marked each year as National Foundation Day on Feb. 11.
Potentially deadly delicacy: Try fugu at this fish market in southern Japan
With the tight regulation of fugu preparation licensing, the chances of fugu poisoning is extremely low, but it’s never zero.
Explore seven waterfalls from this camp in Yamaguchi prefecture, Japan
Pitch a tent or rent a cabin within walking distance of seven waterfalls at Jakuchikyo Camping Ground.
Sprawling park in western Tokyo allows you to escape from the mundane
The former U.S. military base offers a plethora places to play and relax.
Splash, play, camp, barbecue at Soleil Hill Park near Yokosuka Naval Base in Japan
From playgrounds to go-karts, this all-in-one park has something for everyone.
Collect memories at Japan’s shrines and temples with special stamps called goshuin
Whether buying your way into the afterlife or simply saying “I was here,” goshuin are unique momentos to add to your collection
Van Gogh paintings take on added life in immersive digitalized show
Digital exhibit in Honolulu brings artist’s beloved swirly paintings to life
Picturesque payoff tops off Tanzawa mountain day hike outside Tokyo
Escape the heat and urban jungle on a Tanzawa mountain day hike 
‘Are you sure this is safe?’: Ascending Tokyo Skytree, Japan's tallest structure
Ascend to the highest heights for sprawling views of Tokyo and beyond.
Shrine with 123 torii gates in Yamaguchi honors the white fox messenger of the Shinto god Inari
Shrine known for torii gates, fox statues is among Japan’s ‘most beautiful’
Catch the newest Pokemon manhole covers at Ueno Park in central Tokyo
The popular cartoon franchise gets a boost with manhole covers installed around Tokyo.
Pretend to be an anime character at Ghibli-esque fantasy village Japan
Step off the beaten path and out of the realm of reality for a day of shopping at Nukumori No Mori in Hamamatsu.
Not-so-cheap thrills: A look at Fuji-Q Highland’s most exciting roller coasters
Fuji-Q, at the base of Mount Fuji, offers something for everyone, but at a price
Retro vending machines offer tastes of yesteryear at a used tire shop outside Tokyo
On a dirt and gravel road outside Tokyo, not far from the U.S. Army’s Camp Zama and Sagami General Depot, you’ll find a battalion of rusty vending machines waiting to dispense food and fond memories.
Sea Life Busan Aquarium in South Korea takes you underground and under the sea
Beneath the sands of Haeundae Beach, Sea Life Busan Aquarium features hundreds of species of marine life and face-to-face experiences suitable for all ages.
Temple-turned-inn offers a unique experience in Japan’s countryside
Nestled in a ski resort town in Niigata prefecture, Japan, the Buddhist temple Hotaru is a unique inn that is beautiful to visit year-round.
See what it’s like to pilot a 60-foot Gundam robot in Yokohama
When it debuted in 1979, the anime show “Mobile Suit Gundam” captured the world’s imagination with its giant, weaponized, mechanical robots fighting in a space opera.
Get away to Okinawa’s Iheya Island for turquoise-blue seas, starry skies and beautiful coral
Since making Okinawa my home in 2007, I have visited more than 20 islands within the archipelago.