Nerds, assemble: High-end collectibles aplenty at Hot Toys Tokyo
A treasure trove of action figures and collectibles that will set any nerd’s heart afire lies in Shibuya ward in the heart of Tokyo. Toy Sapiens is the Hot Toys Tokyo flagship store. Established in 2000, Hot Toys is a high-end brand of collectibles with uncanny likenesses.
Okinawa, 50 years since return: Tourist-vitalized islands thrive, though not everybody is happy
Since reverting to Japan on May 15, 1972, Okinawa Prefecture has become a major tourist destination. However, some say that tourism-focused development has stripped the prefecture of its unique charms.
Learn the art and craft of bonsai in a Japanese neighborhood devoted to them
Bonsai trees are a wonder of nature bent by the hand of man, and Omiya Bonsai Village is the place to go for a crash course in their history and care.
Chiles brings cantina atmosphere and top-notch Mexican dishes to Tokyo
Discover authentic mouth-watering Mexican flavor at Chiles in the Harajuku district.
Music lovers may spend all day exploring this nine-floor Tower Records in Tokyo
Tower Records is an experience, and sadly, something Generation Z in America will never experience. Unless they make a pilgrimage to Japan.
Sample plant-based cuisine and ‘phantom beans’ with wild health claims in Tokyo
Hoccori Cafe offers meat-eaters and vegetarians alike a chance to try plant-based cuisine in a calming cottage environment in western Tokyo.
Okinawa’s Mount Katsuu could be the most challenging climb on the island
The path is a rugged, sometimes hand-over-hand uphill trek through an enchanting and encapsulating forest.
Japanese haven for black-tailed gulls marks 100 years as natural monument
Kabushima was designated as a natural monument on March 8, 1922.
Rediscovering the charms, uses of Japanese mint
Today, it is often found in bath salts, confectionery - such as candy and gum - and other products.
Dinner and a comedy show are expat staples at Irish pub in central Tokyo
An Solas, an Irish pub on a street corner in Shibuya is a likely place to find expats from around the world, a bite of traditional Irish food and a good laugh.
The trail of Hachiko: Loyal dog’s legacy lives on in Tokyo
Hachiko’s story of loyalty went worldwide more than 90 years ago. Also known as Hachi, his story was made into two films: in Japanese, “Hachi-ko,” in 1987, and an American version, “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale,” starring Richard Gere, in 2009.
Village of former US military homes in Japan offers quaint shopping, dining experiences
Johnson Town is a village of 1950s American-style homes, some of which have been turned into businesses.
Pipeline Coffee: A Mexican restaurant with a Japanese twist on Okinawa
Pipeline Coffee is a curious name for a restaurant that has an unusual take on Mexican cuisine.
Spend a day on the Japanese island kingdom of cats
The island of Aoshima is ruled by approximately 200 semi-feral feline friends.
Tasty meat-free ramen awaits hungry vegan shoppers in Tokyo’s Harajuku district
Within the Laforet Harajuku shopping center hides Chipoon where vegans can find a variety of delicious meat-free dishes.
Tokyo is a treasure trove of secondhand gems
Options abound for thrifting bargain hunters in Tokyo
Vermeer revealed: Catch a rare glimpse of a restored, historic Dutch painting in Tokyo
Nearly an entire gallery of the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum is devoted to the display and explanation of Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer’s now-famous works, “Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window.”
Discover the taste of Peru just a short stroll from Osan Air Base, South Korea
Peruvian restaurant Ceviche 210 is a tasty option in Pyeongtaek, South Korea.
A Japanese shrine is dedicated to a ghost cat out for justice
Roughly 10,000 beckoning cat statues greet visitors to the Omatsu Diagongen Shrine in Anan, Tokushima Prefecture.