Ramen Square, a Tachikawa landmark, hits the spot
The seven shops that make up Ramen Square know noodles.
Van Gogh paintings take on added life in immersive digitalized show
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Picturesque payoff tops off Tanzawa mountain day hike outside Tokyo
Escape the heat and urban jungle on a Tanzawa mountain day hike 
To understand Maui the place, understand Maui the demigod
Becoming familiar with the ancient myths of the places you visit is not unlike being conversant enough in a foreign language to order from a restaurant menu without translation.
Preserving art, culture of Tokyo’s public baths
Although public bathing has somewhat fallen out of favor, a few public bathhouses are still operating in Tokyo today. An exhibition at the Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum in Koganei also explains the art and history of public bathhouses.
Tokyo café staffed by robots offers job opportunities for the disabled
Get your drinks served to you by robot waitstaff piloted remotely by individuals with various physical limitations.
How tea became part of Australia's travel culture
Tea helped fuel the expansion of colonial Australia and has been part of Australian travel culture ever since.
‘Are you sure this is safe?’: Ascending Tokyo Skytree, Japan's tallest structure
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Vegan eatery near Yokota Air Base offers ‘healing’ food in a cozy atmosphere
Café near Yokota Air Base offers meat eaters and strict vegetarians alike a chance to try plant-based cuisine in a cozy, botanical environment.