Pizzeria Napoletana Cantera in Tachikawa is a little slice of Naples in Japan
Pizzeria Napoletana Cantera might be thousands of miles from Italy, but the unassuming restaurant in the suburban Tokyo neighborhood of Tachikawa is sure to satisfy even the most discerning of pizza lovers.
Visitors to unique zoo in Shiroishi may frolic with, feed the furry inhabitants
In the mountains near Shiroishi, a town three hours’ drive north of Tokyo, is Zao Fox Village, a place populated by the four-legged furry critters.
Enoshima, a trendy summer destination not far from Tokyo, is worth visiting year-round
A small island off the coast of Japan’s Kanagawa prefecture, laden with historic shrines, expansive views and a landmark tower, makes for a great day trip at any time of year.
New aquarium in southern Okinawa is an entertaining alternative for children and families
Opening a competitor aquarium on an island the size of Tokyo when the first is world renowned is a pretty bold move.
Zama museum preserves history of camp serving as US Army Japan headquarters
During World War II, the military installation that serves as the modern-day headquarters for U.S. Army Japan was Japan’s version of West Point.
Nippara Limestone Cave offers a family-friendly adventure a few hours from Yokota Air Base
A 1½-hour drive west of Yokota Air Base, home of U.S. Forces Japan in western Tokyo, is Nippara, the largest limestone cave in the region.
Lobster rolls from Luke’s Lobster bring the taste of New England to Okinawa
A lot of American-style restaurants in Japan promise a taste of home, but nowhere is that promise better fulfilled than Luke’s Lobster in southern Okinawa.
Get a fishy foot bath, soak in a coffee pool at facility in Hakone
On a busy morning or a day where you feel drained of energy, have you ever joked about how you could just dive into a pool of coffee?
Experience tsukemen-style ramen at Ramen 611 near Yokota
Fifteen minutes north of the main gate at Yokota Air Base in western Tokyo you’ll find a tiny restaurant called Ramen 611 that packs a flavorful punch with every bowl it serves.
Despite nickname, Mount Tanigawa in Gunma prefecture is suitable for all on warmer days
Scaling Mount Tanigawa, a 6,486-foot peak bordering Japan’s Gunma and Niigata prefectures, is a risky adventure in winter. More than 800 people have died from exposure, avalanches and falls attempting to climb the “Mountain of Death” since the 1930s, about four times as many as have perished on Mount Everest, according to local news reports.