Vampire Café in heart of Tokyo offers spooky fun year-round
For lovers of Halloween, in particular the Gothic, vampire aesthetic popular in European lore, Tokyo has a spot for you to sink your teeth into.
Popular Hiroshima brewpub is now serving Iwakuni at a second location
Kemby’s, a popular, family-friendly brewpub, has opened a diner serving American-style food and craft beer near Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni.
Try a bold, northern Japanese ramen on its southernmost island
Hayate Maru brings Hokkaido-style ramen to Okinawa.
Moose-sized burgers near Mount Fuji attract large, hungry crowds
Moose Hills Burgers in Japan’s Yamanashi Prefecture offers an impressive lineup of burgers and other comfort food fare.
No mystery here: Sherlock Holmes serves up sizzling hamburger and steak meals in Tokyo
It doesn’t take a super sleuth to discover why the menu at Sherlock Holmes will keep you coming back.
Ramen Square, a Tachikawa landmark, hits the spot
The seven shops that make up Ramen Square know noodles.
Discover a South Korean celebrity chef’s udon paradise near Camp Humphreys
The udon at Yeokjeon Udong 0410 near Camp Humphreys won’t drain your wallet
Tokyo café staffed by robots offers job opportunities for the disabled
Get your drinks served to you by robot waitstaff piloted remotely by individuals with various physical limitations.
Vegan eatery near Yokota Air Base offers ‘healing’ food in a cozy atmosphere
Café near Yokota Air Base offers meat eaters and strict vegetarians alike a chance to try plant-based cuisine in a cozy, botanical environment.
Starbucks pays homage to Japan’s prefectures with 47 local Frappuccino flavors
Each of these sweet, coffee-based blended Starbucks drinks will be available only in the prefecture they represent.
Japan’s only all-female staffed sushi restaurant aims to change cuisine's culture
Sushi chefs have been almost exclusively male, but Nadeshico Sushi aims to change that.
Is it Italian? Is it Japanese? Pizza rice bowls offer tasty twist on a popular dish
Hold the crust. Domino's Pizza Japan makes pizza an easy grab and go lunch that's a little out of the ordinary.
Tasting whale in Tokyo: Not quite like beef and not quite like fish
Cultures around the world enjoy different delicacies. From fermented shark to Rocky Mountain oysters, tastes vary widely.
At Okonomiyaki Columbus in Yokohama, diners do the cooking
If you find yourself wandering around the Yokohama area near Chinatown and have never tried Japanese savory pancakes, check out Okonomiyaki Columbus.
Tokyo Maca Presso delights with colorful sweet and savory macarons
A baked goods and coffee shop in Kawagoe, Japan, offers colorful Korean-style macarons in both sweet and savory varieties.
Eight offers 8 delicious varieties of takoyaki near Yokosuka Naval Base
A 10-minute drive from Yokosuka Naval Base, south of Tokyo, will land you at an eatery serving up variations of takoyaki from a small and homey shop.
Searching for authentic Mexican fare in Tokyo? Posada del Sol comes close
Rosas, Tres Amigos and Los Comales. These are restaurants that those who hail from Texas, like me, will recognize as places to get satisfying Mexican food.
Savory Indian restaurant Mito Cha turns up the heat outside Osan Air Base
Mito Cha, or “It's Delicious,” serves up savory Indian cuisine aimed at delivering on its name with traditional curry, naan, tandoori chicken and more.