At Okonomiyaki Columbus in Yokohama, diners do the cooking
If you find yourself wandering around the Yokohama area near Chinatown and have never tried Japanese savory pancakes, check out Okonomiyaki Columbus.
Tokyo Maca Presso delights with colorful sweet and savory macarons
A baked goods and coffee shop in Kawagoe, Japan, offers colorful Korean-style macarons in both sweet and savory varieties.
Eight offers 8 delicious varieties of takoyaki near Yokosuka Naval Base
A 10-minute drive from Yokosuka Naval Base, south of Tokyo, will land you at an eatery serving up variations of takoyaki from a small and homey shop.
Searching for authentic Mexican fare in Tokyo? Posada del Sol comes close
Rosas, Tres Amigos and Los Comales. These are restaurants that those who hail from Texas, like me, will recognize as places to get satisfying Mexican food.
Savory Indian restaurant Mito Cha turns up the heat outside Osan Air Base
Mito Cha, or “It's Delicious,” serves up savory Indian cuisine aimed at delivering on its name with traditional curry, naan, tandoori chicken and more.
Tokyo’s Under the Cascade specializes in American fare with a burger served medium rare
If you’re near Yokota Air Base in western Tokyo and looking for an easy place to drive or take the train to, as well as some good burgers, look no further than Under the Cascade in nearby Tachikawa.
Kitchen Bitte, in the heart of Japan, is meat and potatoes worth your time
A one-minute stroll from Higashi-Zushi Station near Yokosuka Naval Base, Japan, will bring you to a calm, rustic restaurant that fuses Western cuisine with Japanese flair.
Pizzeria Napoletana Cantera in Tachikawa is a little slice of Naples in Japan
Pizzeria Napoletana Cantera might be thousands of miles from Italy, but the unassuming restaurant in the suburban Tokyo neighborhood of Tachikawa is sure to satisfy even the most discerning of pizza lovers.
Lobster rolls from Luke’s Lobster bring the taste of New England to Okinawa
A lot of American-style restaurants in Japan promise a taste of home, but nowhere is that promise better fulfilled than Luke’s Lobster in southern Okinawa.
Experience tsukemen-style ramen at Ramen 611 near Yokota
Fifteen minutes north of the main gate at Yokota Air Base in western Tokyo you’ll find a tiny restaurant called Ramen 611 that packs a flavorful punch with every bowl it serves.