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You belong to a swordsman organization. What’s that all about? It was originally called MELEE and is now called Apokrypha. It’s a group of people who enjoy combat using “safe” versions of hand weapons from various cultures throughout history. … from ancient Celts to feudal Japanese and everything between.

Do you re-enact battles? Battles vary. I have seen around 300 people on the field. We may fight a “1 man battle royal” — every man for himself — or we may call a “faction battle” where pre-formed teams fight for supremacy. Or we may call a “Tale of Two Kingdoms” where we all form in two teams and go at it.

How “real” does the fighting get? We are all out to have a good time so we try not to injure anybody. Still, we will tackle or shield-bash our way through a heavily armored line in order to break through and disrupt an opposition battle plan.

Battlefield casualties? I have had knee injuries, broken fingers and toes, and even had my front two teeth knocked through my top lip from a shield to the face from a close friend. (Only two stitches that day.) Sometimes when the battle is close, you can forget for a few moments that it isn't real. Those are the memories that stay with you.

What was the worst you’ve seen? I saw a guy charge and get his pinky finger stuck in the armor of a team mate. The finger was broken with exposed bone when the two fighters collapsed from the impact.

Could you take a date to the battlefield? Yes. In fact, I did it often (to show off).

Could this be more effective than marital counseling? True. I know married couples who fought out there. It seemed to offer a safe(ish) way for those couples to compete and support each other.

What is your favorite time period to fight in? I always liked the 1400s-1500s in Europe. Intricate armor and heavy weapons. Gunpowder ended that era.

Are there any must-read books if you want to get all martial on somebody? We read the Sun-Tzu “Art of War” and lots of old special-forces military handbooks.

Best sword-fighting scene in a movie? The fight between Wesley and Inigo Montoya in the moviefied version of “The Princess Bride.”

OK, then what’s the funnier sword-fighting scene … when Indiana Jones coolly shoots the flamboyant swordsman or Monty Python’s “It’s just a flesh wound” bit? I’m a HUGE Indiana Jones fan. He wins hands down.

Does a fire controlman get to blow stuff up? Real fire controlmen put ordnance on target.

What makes a good sailor? One who knows his/her job and does it.

What makes a great one? One who knows part of his/her job is to take care of their people.

What’s next? I finish my enlistment and go home. I’ll raise fat babies and live a good long life. Or at least a good life.

Branden Jarred DavisAge: 30Title: Petty officer second class, fire controlmanUnit: USS Kitty Hawk, Yokosuka Naval Base, Japan

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