Cruise’s new film would give Navy another Hollywood showcase

Fresh off the success of last summer’s blockbuster “Top Gun: Maverick,” Tom Cruise appears to be working with the Navy again for an upcoming flick.

An electrifying new way to view Niagara Falls

Decommissioned and renovated Niagara Parks Power Station, once the world’s largest and most ambitious hydropower station, offers panoramic views of both the Canadian Horseshoe and American Falls as well as exhibits on hydroelectricity and the history of the plant.

Fire Emblem Engage is a polished adventure that misses one key element

The latest chapter in the epic fantasy series is more of a polishing of previous ideas rather than a groundbreaking entry to the series. It’s an effort that’s almost like a band’s “best of” album.

Early spring an ideal time to seek out flower festivals

Technically speaking, the start of spring has yet to arrive. But the cultural calendar is rich in upcoming events celebrating flowers and all things green.

Airbnb: An unwitting player in military housing crisis

In many locations across the US, the increase in short-term rental properties has resulted in fewer military families renting locally, fewer military children in local schools and less money being given by states to public school systems.

English village’s farm team greets visitors with barnyard-style fun

About a 30-minute drive from England’s tri-base area, South Angle Farm Park lets visitors feed and pet the animals and share in the overall experience of the people who raise them.

Cream Puff Factory delivers a fairy-tale food experience for Totoro fans in Tokyo

Fans of “My Neighbor Totoro” can buy cream puffs, cookies and cakes in the shape of the character at Shiro-Hige’s Cream Puff Factory in Tokyo that are almost too adorable to eat.

Stuttgart eatery has plenty of Chinese food, but Korean cuisine is the star

Korean food has become trendy in Stuttgart, and at Amani restaurant, it’s also done well.

Fish are displayed as living works of art at colorful aquarium in Tokyo

More than 30,000 goldfish are the main attraction at a “living art” museum in Ginza, a high-end shopping district.

Movie listings for the week of March 3

Here is what’s playing at on-base theaters.

Tours from Europe bases

Here is a sampling of upcoming trips scheduled by military bases.

Recently announced concerts and events for March 3 and beyond

Listings for recently announced concerts, special concerts and shows and on-base theater events.

Outsmarting humans just one step for AI video game players

A new branch of research is more focused on teaching advanced computers to perform open-ended tasks in complex worlds and interact with humans, not just for the purpose of beating them.

Looking for a tropical family getaway? Puerto Rico pairs an international feel with domestic convenience

Puerto Rico sits a bit off American tourists' radar. The U.S. territory feels international, with its colorful concrete buildings, free-roaming horses and primacy of the Spanish language. Yet it offers the ease and familiarity of a domestic destination.

‘Survivor’s Probst finds his tribe

Once-restless host Probst a constant for reality competition series ‘Survivor,’ which starts its 44th season this week

A drug-free, digital psychedelic trip 

What a consciousness-expanding session at the Reality Center in Santa Monica is like, why it’s worth its high cost

Kirby’s Return to Dream Land comes to Switch

The deluxe version of this Kirby game first on Wii features better visuals, new powers and minigames and an epilogue campaign.

Looking ahead to Easter markets, strong beer and bonfires

While traditionally a season of solemnity and self-reflection, a look at Europe’s cultural calendar for the weeks ahead reassures us that fun and festivity isn’t entirely off the agenda.

8 ways military life makes you a better person

In their bleaker moments, military spouses might wonder, “Why do I live this difficult life with all of its moves and deployments? Why do I put up with the inconveniences and hardships?” Read on to find ways that military life actually makes one a better person.