'The Flatshare' stars did their own stunts: writing Post-its
“The Flatshare” revolves around two strangers who live in the same apartment — one at night and the other in the day. They communicate through the sticky notes. Which the actors got to write themselves.
Console Wars: A Pokemon Violet Review
With decades of Pokémon experience, I was prepared to once again catch them all, but since I wanted to write a timely review. I decided to catch some, level up a few, and beat the storyline quickly.
How to swim with the manatees of Florida’s Crystal River
Crystal River, located 90 minutes north of Tampa, is the only place in North America where you can legally swim with the sea cows, which are federally protected creatures.
Documentary offers intimate look at collapse of the Afghan army
‘Retrograde’ focuses on the departure of U.S. troops in 2021, and the resulting hopelessness and despair of the Afghan soldiers who remain to face the Taliban on their own.
‘A tribute to probably the world’s greatest cartoonist’
Cartoonists honor ‘Peanuts’ creator Schulz, who would be celebrating his 100th birthday, in Saturday’s funny pages
Solo and secure
Letting kids play alone feels like a revelation to some modern parents
Persona 5 Royal is video game perfection
This wild and crazy role-playing game is an ultra-intense JRPG that blends a gutsy, captivating story with characters who jump to life and feel distinct and stunning anime-level visuals.
Kaiserslautern’s underground tunnel tour reminds participants of city’s former grandeur 
Kaiserslautern offers public and private tours that take visitors around the grounds of what used to be a large imperial palace and through subterranean tunnels.
An acquired taste: Sampling the specialty at an apple wine tavern in Frankfurt
In certain taverns in Sachsenhausen, the Frankfurt district south of the Main River, apple wine — or apfelwein — is the drink of choice.
Christmas markets, ski slopes and Krampus sightings await
The last weekend in November is an exciting time of Christmas markets, ski slopes and Krampus sightings, with a little treasure hunting thrown in.
Dependence runs both ways in a military marriage
The law says that spouses and children of uniformed service personnel automatically qualify as military dependents. But it’s just as true that the military member has a dependency, too.
A bucolic escape from busy Tokyo is hidden in a popular city ward
The secluded Todoroki Valley in the southern part of Setagaya ward is a peaceful marvel away from the bustle of Tokyo. Todoroki Ravine Park stretches a little more than half a mile and is easily walkable in 30 minutes or so.
Vegetarian Butcher offers delicious plant-based options around the globe
The Vegetarian Butcher is a plant-based brand from the Netherlands that launched in 2010 and now has stores and restaurants globally, including Tokyo.
Movie listings for the week of Nov. 18
Here is what’s playing at on-base theaters.
Tours from Europe bases
Here is a sampling of upcoming trips scheduled by military bases.
Recently announced concerts and events for Nov. 18 and beyond
Listings for recently announced concerts, special concerts and shows and on-base theater events.
Cuddle (and feed) a turkey at the Gentle Barn’s animal sanctuaries
The Gentle Barn, which has locations in California, Missouri and Tennessee, hosts an annual “Gentle Thanksgiving,” offering visitors a chance to tour the farm, enjoy pie and hot cider, cuddle with the turkeys and feed them treats. Visitors are also encouraged to cuddle the birds even when it’s not Thanksgiving.
5 helpful tips for veterans recovering from addiction
Having self-compassion and embracing a new normal are among the ways veterans can strengthen the recovery process.