‘Barbarian’ brings bonkers horror back with an Airbnb nightmare
What’s a girl to do with a double-booking dilemma, an inviting stranger and nowhere else to go? Will fate swing this arguably alarming meet-cute into classic rom-com territory? Now in theaters, “Barbarian” is a raucous descent with multiple surprises best left unspoiled — but they do involve a creepy basement and monstrous secrets deep beneath the surface.
Live A Live revives a lost classic to US fans
Live A Live covers eight historical eras, and era has its own distinct playstyle and story.
Pumpkin spice won. It's time to accept it and move on.
It’s perfectly acceptable these days to enjoy pumpkin spice-flavored items without feeling foolish. But if you don’t, that’s OK too.
New harvests take center stage in upcoming festivals
These upcoming festivals in Europe celebrate newly harvested crops, regional fare and other fall delights.
Dissecting your teen when side-hugs begin
Rumor has it, out in the real world, away from their own homes and parents, teenage boys actually speak.
Taking in a game at Kaiserslautern’s soccer stadium is a communal adrenaline rush
When I decided to go to a recent 1. FC Kaiserslautern home game, I was prepared for the worst. But while the fanatic behavior would be disruptive, even threatening, in town, in the stadium it evoked a feeling of solidarity — and even nostalgia.
Archive Café offers South Korean treats, spectacular views near Camp Humphreys
Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and something from a seemingly endless selection of pastries, as well as wonderful, restful views, at the Archive Café.
‘Good to See You,’ Tokyo: Henry Rollins’ latest spoken word tour is coming to Japan
Author, raconteur, actor and musician Henry Rollins will be in Tokyo on Oct. 19 for a spoken-word event, part of his “Good to See You” tour, at Club eX in the Shinagawa Prince Hotel.
Kaiserslautern’s Curry House makes a compelling case for Indian food
Kaiserslautern’s Curry House is a favorite among local Indian restaurants. Its varied and tasty dishes should change the minds of those who think the cuisine is not worth consuming.
Movie listings for the week of Sept. 9
Here is what’s playing at on-base theaters.
Tours from Europe bases
Here is a sampling of upcoming trips scheduled by military bases.
Recently announced concerts and events for Sept. 9 and beyond
Listings for recently announced concerts, special concerts and shows and on-base theater events.
Sampling the hikes — and hops — in Bend, Ore.
Writer takes a 10-day hiking trip to the city to discover why it made her friends trade their RV for a house
Something for everyone, and then some
Sheer volume of options crowd Madden 23, cluttering an otherwise improved game
Small-scale beer festivals mean it’s time for brew fans to get hoppy
These upcoming festivals invite beer drinkers who appreciate what’s in their glass as well as what’s happening around them.
Mark Twain acts as muse for interactive expo of postwar US-German story
Heidelberg’s Mark Twain Center for Transatlantic Relations shines light on the American presence in the German city for decades.
The Shogun: One wagyu beef double cheeseburger to rule them all
Shogun Burger’s double cheeseburger will reign supreme for burger lovers in Japan.
‘That’s not in my spending plan’
When traveling with friends, use these tips to ensure everyone is on the same page financially.
This 15th century chapel houses a brewery with delicious regional German, French food
Two distinct meal experiences are available at the Denkmalz chapel brewery, a restaurant and beer garden in Bad Sobernheim that produces its own craft beers.