Forget hygge, it's time for uitwaaien: Outdoor activity in the wind
Uitwaaien (OUT-vwy-ehn), a Dutch word that translates literally as "out blowing" is perhaps better understood as "to walk in the wind." Typically used as a noun, it describes the act of undertaking some sort of outdoor physical activity in windy conditions.
Ganesha brings Indian warmth to Bavaria
With Germany’s less-than-balmy winter in full swing, cuisine that provides a warming sensation in addition to the sustenance can be most welcome.
Stunningly decorated Dresden dairy products store is a feast for the eyes
Dresdner Molkerei Gebrüder Pfund is dressed in elaborate neoclassical artwork and stunning hand-painted tiles.
Deserted Tokyo Bay fortress attracts tourists
The No. 2 Sea Fort is located some four kilometers west of Cape Futtsu in Chiba Prefecture and has a total area of approximately 41,000 square meters.
Three travelers with disabilities or chronic illness share how they navigate the world
One in four American adults live with a disability, and 60% have at least one chronic illness. As travel continues to ramp up, more people will have questions about how to navigate it with their circumstances.
No, you don't need a detox juice cleanse. Here's why.
There’s nothing magical about drinking expensive juice made from cucumbers, celery, lemon, parsley or whichever other herbs, vegetables and fruits are tossed in.
Oculus Quest fitness app Supernatural serves up inspiring workouts in VR
Instead of urging me to surpass goals, the virtual reality app Supernatural focuses on the thing that's vexed me most around working out: finding the motivation to simply show up and do it.
European sites populate lists of best destinations in 2022
As one might expect, European sites abound on travel specialists’ lists of best places to go in 2022.
Hoping that privatized housing complaints finally hit home
Military families shouldn’t have to put up with subpar housing conditions. Let’s hope recent crackdowns make a difference.
Movie listings for the week of January 7
Here’s what’s playing at movie theaters on base.