Movie listings for the week of Nov. 19
Here’s what’s playing in on-base theaters.
Ticket to whimsy: What's behind popular seasonal train shows
Many holiday-season train shows were canceled or limited to fewer visitors last year because of the pandemic, but this year the popular attractions are back at botanical gardens, conservatories and elsewhere around the country.
On the rebound: Through a pandemic, resilient Vienna feeds the body and spirit
When in Austria’s capital, mixing a little pleasure into your business trip is a must
Enjoy coffee from slowly, freshly roasted beans in a German wine village
Wine isn’t the only beverage worth sipping when visiting Neustadt, about 25 miles southeast of Kaiserslautern on the German Wine Route.
French ‘village of potters’ creates handmade marvels that make holiday gifts and souvenirs
Soufflenheim is one of those European villages you’d miss if you blinked — and if you didn’t know about the pottery that’s made there.
Think you can't ride a bike in the snow? Fat biking is here to prove you wrong.
With tires five inches wide, a fat bike is tank-like rather than tottering and able to roll over almost anything in its path.
Thailand to reopen bay made famous by Leonardo DiCaprio film 'The Beach' after 3-year closure
The tropical beach, which was destroyed by overtourism, is set to reopen in January.
Why more hotels are making galleries part of the guest experience
Many of the art-forward hotels work with local artists to either showcase their portfolio for a specific amount of time or commission one-of-a-kind pieces to display on-site indefinitely.
Support for the smallest
Books for military dependents abound this season.
Call of Duty: Vanguard hits all the right notes in first hours of gameplay
The number of game modes and pacing alternatives available in the game’s multiplayer lobby ensures that even two matches on the same map play differently.