Playgrounds and peace abound at Luisenpark in Mannheim
Kids can burn off some energy and adults can discover a bit of peace within the 100 acre park.
St. Goar and its castle exude enchantment of the Rhine
Towering high above the Rhine, Burg Rheinfels and the city it protected for centuries is overflowing with charm.
Float center provides respite from screens, phones and gravity
A session in a float tank at Just Float in Kaiserslautern is a welcome break from the overstimulation of the modern world.
Osterburken gives fragmentary glimpses of Roman life on the edge of the empire
Tucked away in rolling, wooded hills of the Odenwald are a reconstructed watchtower, the remnants of the fort and the Roemermuseum.
British theme park 5-pack can put some Peppa in visitors’ step
A park dedicated to a beloved British pig provides hours of family friendly fun.
Thoreau-ly enjoyable: Nature trail along Italian lake affords serenity, solitude
Lago Santa Croce is one of many scenic locations where social distancing is possible as coronavirus extends its stay in Italy.
Things get trippy at Stuttgart’s Museum of Illusions
The museum offers mind-blowing fun for the whole family.
Day trip from Naples puts visitors in the ‘Versailles of Italy’
The Royal Palace of Caserta boasts an area of 47,000 meters and includes five floors and its own chapel, library and theater. Yet it’s the Royal Park’s vast lawns, wooded areas, reflecting pools, fountains and gardens that will keep you coming back.
Anglo-Saxon history, archery lessons and ‘Lord of the Rings’ in one place
West Stow Country Park provides hands on experience of life may have been like during the period from 420 to 650 AD.
Mannheim’s Kunsthalle is ‘open for art’ after $56 million donation
The original Kunsthalle has been joined by a new, modern building, adding more than 38,000 square feet of exhibition space.
Under green hills and grapevines, a Cold War secret awaits 
A vineyard road snakes along the wooded hill in Germany’s Ahr Valley that hides what was once the biggest of state secrets: a vast doomsday bunker.
Get acquainted with the waters of Italian resort town Abano Terme and free your inner hedonist
The spa town is awash in warm mineral waters from the Euganean Hills funneled into hundreds of hotel spas and baths, many of them old and grand, with a focus on wellness and a path toward gluttony and sloth.
Museum Wiesbaden dons a bit of sparkle with a mesmerizing mineral exhibit
The temporary exhibit of “Fritz Geller-Grimm’s Crystals: From Diamond to Gypsum” is showing now through March 13.
A dim, steely day seems appropriate on a trip to the town of Frankenstein
The village of less than 1,000 residents winds through the Hochspeyerbach Valley, a vein of civilization running through one of the largest contiguous forests in Europe, the Pfaelzerwald-Nordvogesen biosphere.
Nuerburgring’s Ringwerk theme park and museum offer fast-paced fun in high-horsepower environment 
Germany’s best address for an infusion of octane is a roadway that also happens to be among the world’s most legendary racetracks: the Nuerburgring and its notorious, wooded “north loop,” or Nordschleife.
Stunningly decorated Dresden dairy products store is a feast for the eyes
Dresdner Molkerei Gebrüder Pfund is dressed in elaborate neoclassical artwork and stunning hand-painted tiles.
Luminaries’ masterworks shine in exhibit that chronicles Vicenza’s Renaissance rise from obscurity
Vicenza’s Renaissance treasures have proved to be equally enduring and glamorous. Many of them can now be viewed in all their dazzling brilliance in one location — and for much less than the cost of a precious stone.
Drop in to Sorrento to experience Italy’s good life
The quaint Italian town of Sorrento contains plenty of Italian charm, but moves at a slower pace more conducive to resting and taking in the beautiful views.