Ironworks museum combines industry and art on a colossal scale
With its massive Industrial Revolution-era machines and science fiction movie set atmosphere, you would think that Voelklinger Huette was the birthplace of the steampunk trend.
Hike offers a close view of strange and wondrous red sandstone formations in Germany
Hiking, or “wandern” as it’s more whimsically called in German, is one of the few activities in Germany free of coronavirus restrictions.
As rainy day hikes near Stuttgart go, Horschbachschlucht is a good one
The endless German coronavirus lockdown has resulted in a mind-numbing blur of excursions to woody hiking trails for trudges through the muddy springtime slop.
Verna Park is a surprising find in industrial Ruesselsheim
For a city known more for its bustling industry than its tranquility, it was surprising to find that Ruesselsheim has a lot of green to enjoy.
German farmers markets have a long tradition of offering fresh, homemade, local products
The bright colors of fruits, vegetables and fresh-cut flowers in German farmers markets are an elixir for eyes that are tired of looking at four walls during coronavirus lockdowns.
Almond blossoms add flair to the German Wine Route, if you know where to look
The almond blossoms mark the awakening of nature each March and April. Villages usually celebrate with festivals featuring wine and almond-based culinary delights, which for obvious reasons are not happening this year.
‘Devil's Table’ is a rock to remember in Rheinland-Pfalz
At 46 feet tall, it stands high among the trees of the Palatinate Forest, next to the quaint town of Hinterweidenthal, Germany.
Rev up your day with a visit to BMW Welt in Bavaria
For car enthusiasts, or for those seeking a unique experience, the BMW Welt complex near the Olympic Park in Munich is an absolute must, once it reopens.
Marktkirche in Wiesbaden provides hope, strength during difficult times
With coronavirus infections still high in Germany, and U.S. and German authorities continuing to advise against unnecessary travel, I needed somewhere local to visit to get me out of the house.
Heavenly views wait at the end of a steep climb to Vicenza’s 15th century Sanctuary of Saint Mary of Mount Berico church
Millions of pilgrims have made their way over the centuries up the hill from Vicenza to the Sanctuary of Saint Mary of Mount Berico, sometimes on their hands and knees.