Commemoration ceremonies make Memorial Day even more meaningful
For many U.S. military members stationed in Europe, attending a Memorial Day commemoration ceremony on the burial grounds of our fallen soldiers from World Wars I and II represents a poignant and meaningful way to pay tribute to those who came before.
Same Korean flavor, different side of the Rhine for Chicken Kokio
When I think about getting good fried chicken, my mind takes me to my grandmother’s kitchen. I would watch her season and batter chicken to perfection in her trusted cast iron skillet as a young boy.
Live music slowly returns to Europe
London’s first indoor live music event in over a year was staged as part of the British government’s pilot scheme to determine how to safely hold large-scale events in closed environments without the need for social distancing.
Exploring the traces of Germany's Siegfried Line
The Siegfried Line was a World War II German defensive system stretching some 390 miles along the western border of the old German Empire. Referred to as the Westwall by the Germans, it ran from Kleve, on the border with the Netherlands, to the town of Weil am Rhein, near the Swiss border in the south.
Mind, body and soul, Kokoro in Nuremberg will fill you up
Kokoro is a difficult word to translate, but it incorporates the concepts of mind, heart and spirit.
As rainy day hikes near Stuttgart go, Horschbachschlucht is a good one
The endless German coronavirus lockdown has resulted in a mind-numbing blur of excursions to woody hiking trails for trudges through the muddy springtime slop.
Advance planning will be critical for successful travel in 2021
Anyone who tries to predict what European travel will look like in the summer of 2021 is destined to fail. As ever-changing regulations and speculation about vaccination passports keep us all guessing, one thing seems certain: at most museums, cultural sites and attractions, it will be anything but business as usual, and gone are the days when you could just show up at the gate and procure a ticket on the spot.
Termeh Persian Restaurant elevates delivery offerings in Kaiserslautern
Termeh delivers kebabs, braised stews, grilled and smoked eggplant, and more.
Verna Park is a surprising find in industrial Ruesselsheim
For a city known more for its bustling industry than its tranquility, it was surprising to find that Ruesselsheim has a lot of green to enjoy.