Easter leads the way for several upcoming religious observances

Easter’s ever-changing date has ramifications for a number of both secular and religious holidays and associated traditions worth witnessing firsthand in the coming weeks.

Movie listings for the week of March 29

Here’s what’s playing at on-base theaters.

Blooming Bergstrasse: German road is a picture-perfect experience

Germany’s Bergstrasse is in bloom, and it’s a marvelous time to explore the route that runs from Darmstadt in the north to Heidelberg in the south.

Go big or go home: Hofheim restaurant serves up mega portions for insatiable appetites 

XXL Restaurant Waldgeist Hofheim near Wiesbaden, Germany, offers monstrous portions of food that would put most American eateries to shame.

Tours from Europe bases

Here is a sampling of upcoming trips scheduled by military bases.

Recently announced concerts and events for March 29 and beyond

Listings for recently announced concerts, special concerts and shows and on-base theater.

Easter, theme parks and fun fairs putting the fling in spring

Other spring activities awaiting families seeking out-of-school diversion include open-air museums and several traditional New Year celebrations.

Planetary motion: Germany walk simulating solar system is a cosmic-minded romp

Heiligenmoschel, Germany, is home to a planet walk, a special type of educational trail with a solar system theme. Each step of the route impresses upon you the immensity of the universe, the minuteness of Earth and the modesty of humanity’s ventures into the cosmic void.

Use your dampfnudel and head to Mehlingen trailside hut for German baked delight

Pfaelzer Dampfnudelhof has some of the best German steamed buns in the Pfalz. Each crusty bite balances softness and crunchiness, and the softball-sized buns are clearly made with care.

Tours from Europe bases

Here is a sampling of upcoming trips scheduled by military bases.