Pitched battle for soccer gaming supremacy
FIFA and EA Sports go head to head in soccer's new video game rivalry
New Outriders expansion Worldslayer gives fans reasons to return to Enoch
Game development company People Can Fly has refined the Outriders campaign and made fixes to its end game, and naturally, that work has dovetailed into the franchise’s first expansion — Worldslayer.
Nintendo Switch Sports reminds us of the fun in motion controls
That feeling of movement and responsive action can’t be conveyed over a streamed internet connection.
MLB The Show 22: a familiar pastime
Best baseball simulation in video game form is one every fan should own, but only once.
The Skywalker Saga is a fun Lego set with unnecessary extra pieces
The Skywalker Saga has a lot of heart and may be the best iteration of the Lego series. It’s just hard for me to say I had a wonderful time with a game that easily could have been a bit smaller in scope and just as fun.
Kirby and the Forgotten Land is more of the same in the best way
Kirby and the Forgotten Land undeniably pushes the series to a new scale, but at its core, it's more of the same. That's not a complaint, though. If anything, it shows that the Kirby team knows its audience, as the franchise's predictable formula is part of its appeal.
Video games: Too much of a good thing?
Modern titles keep getting longer. Is the length of a video game a selling point, or a problem?
Assassin's Creed Valhalla: In need of an endgame
After 300 hours of play, reporter has had more than enough of endless open-world possibilities
Lost Ark: this season’s surprise big hit
Lost Ark broke records upon its February launch across North America and several other regions, becoming the game with the most concurrent players of all time on Steam. It's hard not to be hooked.
Gran Turismo 7: A lot of car culture, a little racing
The latest installment of the Gran Turismo series is like the “Sunday drive” of racing sims.
Elden Ring offers endless exploration
This unofficial sequel to Dark Souls is colossal beyond belief.
Video game addiction, now a globally recognized illness, seeks a treatment
The World Health Organization formally acknowledged the condition for the first time this year, kicking off a race to offer remedies.
Horizon Forbidden West is a sprawling and satisfying sequel
Stunning visuals, enhanced mechanics help to immerse players in a world that truly feels alive.
Latest Dying Light chapter is all about the journey
Dying Light 2 Stay Human is a surprisingly fun foray into a zombie-infested open world.
Rainbow Six Extraction is a deep, grinding co-op experience
Online game lets teams of three take down alien hordes through slow-paced tactical confrontations
Humankind a strong but flawed challenger to Civilization series
Humankind developers add enough twists to story simulator to make it distinct within the strategy-game niche.
10 video games you will want to play in 2022
It’s a great time to be a gamer. The next 12 months are full of much-hyped video game releases.
Oculus Quest fitness app Supernatural serves up inspiring workouts in VR
Instead of urging me to surpass goals, the virtual reality app Supernatural focuses on the thing that's vexed me most around working out: finding the motivation to simply show up and do it.