Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, Shining Pearl are remakes done right
Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl stick close to the path of the originals, but the remakes take advantage of several recent gameplay refinements that make the experience more fun and less of a hassle.
Halo Infinite campaign is the franchise’s slickest and most fun adventure yet
When the Halo franchise embraces itself as sci-fi gobbledygook — wrapping a warm hug around its cheesy dialogue and reveling in the weirdness of its core storyline of one man’s relationships with artificially intelligent female holograms — it soars as pulpy, timeless, space opera fantasy. So far, every minute of the Halo Infinite campaign takes flight.
Every decision counts in Shin Megami Tensei V
A quick entry point and challenging play make the title a good fit for Switch.
Not sure about Battlefield 2042? Wait for it to get better
Latest entry to Electronic Arts’ military shooter needs work, but will likely be good in the long run.
Built for speed
Forza Horizon 5 will convince you to love the racing game genre.
Call of Duty: Vanguard hits all the right notes in first hours of gameplay
The number of game modes and pacing alternatives available in the game’s multiplayer lobby ensures that even two matches on the same map play differently.
A game with big personality
Guardians of the Galaxy’s charisma and banter is nearly irresistible.
For video games, February is the new November
The post-holiday months of January and February have normally been two of the calendar's quietest months in terms of game releases. But thanks to changing working conditions and supply chain issues, that is changing.
Far Cry 6: Dedication to destination
Game transports players to a fictional island of Yara, which borrows cultural elements from real Latin American countries to make it feel authentic.
Metroid Dread is a great story wrapped in a hand-cramping, confusing grind
Metroid Dread, the first new game in the series since 2017, has to reintroduce the series to a new generation of players and recapture what made the series so influential in the first place.
NBA 2K22 scores with nothing but net
NBA 2K22 signals a reascension for the finest sports gaming franchise of the past two decades.
Lost in Random: a dicey situation
Zoink Games mixes action RPG and collectible card game elements to create a compelling adventure.
The new WarioWare is the game for our attention span-starved, pandemic times
WarioWare games are Nintendo at its most wacky: 10 seconds, one action verb as a directive and then go! They nail a sort of playful, goofy childishness that only video games can really get away with.
8 of the most anticipated video games this fall
Superheroes, antiheroes and even athletic birds populate some of the most anticipated video games this fall.
The Deathloop preview that serious gamers should not read
Unfortunately for prospective players who would like some insight into this video game, Deathloop's best aspect is its joy of discovery.
Twelve Minutes is a point-and-click time loop adventure worth repeating
The spectacularly strange story in the video game Twelve Minutes more than makes up for its inherent frustrations of repetition and guess-and-test gameplay, leading to unexpected outcomes and plenty of "aha" moments that will motivate players to keep repeating the loop.
The Ascent, an arcade shooter throwback, is my favorite game of 2021
The Ascent carries a sense of ever-present strife and conflict. It's gory, like a classic '90s video game. And it's an absolute blast.
New Streets of Rage 4 update turns fighters into gods, making a great game even better
The Mr. X Nightmare update makes the beat-’em-up gameplay of Streets of Rage 4 even more playable with power-ups that can turn a player’s fighters into virtual gods.